How to Wear Bib Necklace

Gem the latest collections lighthouse, the bib necklace is the accessory to have emergency in his dressing room. A size XXL and is declining in many ways over trends (version metal, ethnic, chic, neon,…), the bib necklace is a must-see gem for several seasons. It must be said that there is of what be seduced: this necklace, inspired to the origin of the jewelry of ancient Rome, can turn the most simplistic outfits in a stylish and sophisticated look. Follow our tips to adopt good day… And night! Wear your necklace plastron in day… The necklace plastron, Chameleon, is a room easily, associating with a lot of clothes, even the most basic.

It is also with those that he is most in value, making it a classic outfit on sophisticated. This accessory fits so the looks of day, whether your style is casual, streetwear or much more rock. To vary your style, just simply change the model of necklace! For example, a navajo look choose a model embroidered Aztec motifs or mosaic of colored beads. If you are rather rocker in the soul lead you towards a studded, metallic or fine leather version. Fans of casual chic will be they attempt by a model while sober and refined, in neutral tones and without too many frills. Finally, for a preppy look to green with envy Blair Waldorf, simply direct you to a model with claudine collar! In regards to clothing that will accompany your necklace, simplicity is what works the best. Here are a few basics that blend perfectly with the plastron: sweater knit, the-United shirt, blouse or even the small dress babydoll or skater in clear lace. These classics in your closet will take with your new collar a little facelift and will be well highlighted. Instead, with your bib necklace avoid any outfit too “complicated” (mixture of colors, loaded print or a lot of jewelry for example) the risk of being too much and to have a look completely missed! Last advice to perfect your look: tie you hair in bun or high duvet for an open neck and a particularly elegant head carriage. … As in evening Of course, the bib necklace can also be worn in an evening look. Here again, it is the simplicity of the outfit that accompanies it which will make it shine (and you at the same time). This leverage not too loaded outfits level colors and materials. We avoid, for example, what is embroidery fabrics, multiple satins or sequined, otherwise the overall rendering of the outfit will be overloaded and messy.

About the cut of the dress to adopt, you can choose to wear your necklace on a classic model from wholesaleably, form 3 holes for example, which will be modernized and very sophisticated. Otherwise, made for a slightly more sexy, you can wear your bib necklace to the skin with a strapless dress or a deep cleavage. Finally, for what is the type of collar bib to wear in the evening, if it’s the perfect opportunity to get out your most glamorous necklaces (metal, stone or rhinestones for example) in the end there is not really rule on this side here. If a plastron to navajo spirit beaded mosaics necklace might seem a bit off-topic on an association of type dress evening + cover + shoes, actually it’s quite the opposite! It will bring a touch of oomph to your eternal little black dress and a small side shifted to your outfit, for a particularly effective set! Finally, as when you pass the day, get out your neck by tying your hair with a ponytail or a bun top perched. With these tips, the only thing you risk and we want poking you your necklace!


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