Adenorah, The New Face of The Bloggesfera

We have new girl in the bloggesfera, or at least one face fashion which before had not left. By the name of Adenorah and it has a very chic and urban style. And before return to comment that is more of the same, the truth is that you opt for all other items. Or perhaps is that not use the same signatures that we see today in all the blogs (Reformation, Three Floor, Zimmermann, etc.).

Reminds me to the beginnings of Camille Over the Rainbow before that took off and his style became almost the same where the wide, flat shoe and the male touch they are present every day.

Skirts, shorts, dresses, jeans, Pant and skirt… Dare everything, gives us a touch of originality but without going over. Is those girls that can be used as Daily inspiration, or not?

Personally I like what I see, but the question is will you end up conquering?

Photos | Adenorah

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