Advent Calendar Gate 5: for the Perfect Homespa: Braun Products Valued at 870 Euro

I intend it for at least four years, but until today I have seen yet not a spa inside. Although I am personally at all no type of sauna, so a true skin Pro which completely spoiled, which could me for my skin pretty in affected yet take quite a few hours time. So at least I imagine it in my dream idea, knowing that I would be rappelig probably already after an hour of the whole sitting still, lie and not-babble. I’m probably not, this type of Spa which stiefelt from OASIS to OASIS and taste, treat what’s, for hours easy. Rather, I trust for a long time on homespa, on little downtime at home, maximum comfort in my bath and treatments that are quickly and effectively.

Of the silk-epil 9 skinspa ensures that ingrown hairs have no chance and gently cleanses the body, while the facespa is dedicated to the needs of our faces and promises for pure pores and perfect peeling result. And what about out for men? We save you from immediately going to the barber shop with the beard trimmer or speculate on a beard-free year 2017 with the Braun Series 9. You know ’ s already: we have thought of everything and giving away an electronic package of Brown today consisting of 4 professional products to the value of about 870 euros * for your daily dose of homespa! And so you could win:

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Brown Series 9 CC premium amounting to 490 euros *

2016 was the beard, are we 2017 finally again ready for super soft skin in the face of men. And that’s what this professional provides: Braun Series 9!

The fully flexible syncrosonic shaving head gently glides over the contours of the face and fits it perfectly on clever: the five perfectly synchronized shear elements capture easily every hair type. Reduces friction and provides a particularly soft skin feel. The Brown Series 9 can easily handle up to 50,000 shaves. Linear by the powerful Brown the syncrosonic™ shaving head drive motor range trieben is: it produces 10,000 micro vibrations, which allow 40,000 parallel movements per minute and make sure that the Shaver adapts 160 times per second to the individual beard density. Through the integrated precision trimmer also sideburns, Schnurr – or full beard trouble Los can form be brought and trimmed.  The Braun Series 9 is suitable for dry applications as well as for shaving foam/gel and can easily be used in the shower. The Shaver is hygienically cleaned at your fingertips, charged and maintained.

Silk-epil 9 skinspa in 195 euros *

The Professional among the body treatments is silk-épil thanks to his two brushes for two different applications: with its innovative, triangular brush form the light blue brush attachment of the Braun silk-épil 9 prevents Ingrowth pesky hairs on the legs, for example: ensure the over 10,000 bristles of varying lengths that remove dead skin cells and already prevent ingrown hair treatments per week. Six times more effective than a traditional peeling, the Sonic thanks to technology, which ensures that rotate 3,000 micro vibrations per minute.

For everyday use or for sensitive skin of violet, sensitive brush is still ideal. Here, rounded bristles provide a four times more effective cleansing of the skin and refine the appearance of the skin visible.

Braun facespa to the value of 100 euros *

Is still a further two-in-one magic product: This time just for ’ s face. Brown facespa, the world’s first combination of Gesichtsepilierer and porentiefer cleaning into a device. And the new four towers, with which we perfectly can vote our skin care from now on our individual claims, is immediately supplied. His ten long and thin tweezers gently unwanted facial hair epilation attachment remove the braunface. With 200 plucking movements per second, a flawless result can be reached in a few minutes that lasts up to four weeks. Combined with one of the four facespa beauty tips, provides the Brown face radiantly beautiful skin:
“Pure beauty” obtaining for the daily care of normal skin, away with his eight millimeter-long nylon fibers make up and dirt six times more thoroughly than a manual cleaning.
At the facespa “Sensitive Beauty” add-on provide the 14 mm long, soft and dense nylon fibers for a gentle and thorough cleansing treatment for sensitive, dry and sensitive skin.
Designed for the weekly application of combined “young beauty” obtaining shorter nylon fibers for deep cleaning with long nylon fibers for the removal of dead skin cells. The different long bristles hold the peeling particles
better on the skin and make it even more effective peeling.
The facespa “beauty sponge” add-on is suitable thanks to its foam-like surface for the daily and precise application of makeup and skin-care products.

Brown beard cutter worth 85 euro *

What would be the 2010 without the beard in men, hmm? But those who believes man is just easy and can easily proliferate, powerfully wrong. More and more Barber shops in Britain and the States also in our latitudes, open and ensure the clean version of the crisp hair on his face. This of course is not really necessary: because Brown has long been a wonderful helper in his repertoire: the Braun Beard Trimmer: three-day beard or beard, the Brown beard cutter allows perfect trimming, individual beard lengths and exact contours.

Up to 25 length settings with improved comb attachments for a precise setting selection trim in increments of 0.5 mm thanks to an innovative precision wheel two detachable Combs (1-10 mm and 10-20 mm) for maximum flexibility sealed housing for easy cleaning under running water memorysafety lock saves the last used length adjustment

* prices were rounded up.
* the prices can not be paid out.

– in friendly cooperation with Brown –