Aeronautica Militare Makes Real Pilots from Men

The Aeronautica Militare brand is characterized by their own and original decorations, shields, and insignia, which by the way, are the same who made also the military air force and still carried. The brand thus represents an authentic style that clearly stands out from others. While there are labeled as Alpha Avirex but not process or other brands that play on the subject of aviation, with a so skilful combination of tradition and modernity, such as Aeronautica Militare.

The company was founded in Thiene in Italy and the result is the handmade tailoring which gained importance after the second world war thanks to the work of the founder of Cristiano Sperotto. In 1960, the company began to specialise in the production of high-quality leather garments for men and women. In the current years it gained more and more importance on the international markets.

in 1979, the company thanks to the joining of the sons of Paola and Armando Pio was even more successful. The personalization with original badges and logos of Areonautica Militare (Italian Air Force) and Frecce Tricolori (Tri-coloured arrows – the art of the Italian air force squadron) was also allowed. Since then, the company has several product lines designed and is accepted by many customers who have a passion for flight, acrobatics and the Italian lifestyle, with a growing recognition. And who the flying fever of the Aeronautica Militare still not caught it, will find here a few stunning images of Italy tables pilots:

2011, Aeronautica Militare opened also an online shop for the brand. The page our site is considered to be only an authorized online seller of brand Aeronautica Militare – private collection. In 2012, the brand has been added to ESA, and it created a new collection, modeled after the European Space Agency. The designer Massimo Giacon and his creative staff familiar with each season and always create a new modern style, its identifying Produkte that represent a quite casual look with a strong identity.

A jacket, a sweatshirt and an accessory.
The sense of belonging to the pilots can have also this fashionable form if it embodies the spirit and values. This is also done with the Areonautica Militare – private collection. It is considered a young fashion brand, which is capable to represent the best idea of the Italian nation and airmen and their values.

The Aeronautica Militare collections are four parts divided: men, women, junior and accessories.
The men’s collection for fall and winter 2013/2014 is casual and modern sweatshirts and jackets due to the season.
The women’s collection for the autumn and winter 2013/2014 offered modern and creatively designed jackets and tops for the cooler months. In the junior collection, there are sporty and modern for children. Collection of the spring and summer 2013 offers the accessories bags in different sizes, shoes, caps, helmets and another in the design of the Aeronautica Militare.

We have tested some parts of the current men’s collection by Aeronautica Militare for you and placed on the former Berlin military airport in scene. In this setting, you will feel the flyer spirit which characterises the brand and recognize the authenticity of the brand, if you recognize the symbols, fonts, designs and even the shape of the green bag on airplanes or photos of pilots in Berlin-Gatow. We are certainly excited and will certainly put us in the one or other part of the current collection and keep the further development of the brand in mind.

Aeronautica Militare has provided us friendly fashion two sweatshirts in size L with a total value of almost € 400, which you can see on the pictures of our photo shoots. Would draw them to you now.

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