Ana GarcíA SiñEriz with Eva Longoria’s Wedding Dress

Last Monday, 3 September, Ana Garcia Sineriz and Boris Izaguirre retook the reins of Channel 4 in his third season. An issue of the most fashion-sponsored by Monica Cruz. The sister of Penelope Cruz He presented the collection that have been created for Mango. The actress wore one of the models that will be available starting on September 15. In particular, mini black dress with inlays of precious stones in the neck which led Pe in the presentation of the collection in Ibiza.

Also the hostess wore a mini dress though, without neglecting to handle, a more important signing. Dress of Ana Garcia Sineriz was of Chanel. And not one Chanel either, all that there is to choose from, or that which can be purchased at Sfera, no. Ana wore the same dress that led Eva Longoria at her wedding. In white, also have seen a Lilly Allen and a Lindsay Lohan.

Although the prettiest program was Vicky Martín Berrocal who wore a dress of Jovovich-Hawk for Mango (my Jovovich-Hawk for Mango dress) that, in fact, already had worn in Channel 4 another occasion. With this taste, it is normal that have made it the concruso jury Supermodelo 2007, do not you think?