Bench Reflector Jacket: I Glow, So I’m

I’ve discovered a really blatant part once again I would like to introduce you. And I saw the bench reflector jacket that is virtually a lit-Tarn-jacket. Sounds stupid but is mega awesome. It is so a more or less normal, light jacket, as you just likes wearing them in the spring.

The stark is but the material or coating of the material. In normal light, there is namely a slight to no reflection and the jacket looks a bit changing how grey camouflage pattern – but this modern chest of drawers, not the classic camouflage. If however in the dark, a light beam strikes on the jacket, Vollalarm is just and the jacket extreme begins to shine and reflect. This one has when the bear constantly cool effects on the jacket and during the day I love the jacket even though the effects are then just slightly lower.

Of course, the glow effect is the highlight of the jacket, and by the way, for just €139 to bench to get (at the Nike Flashpack you must throw something more)- but the jacket is also otherwise super functionally equipped and has, for example, thumb loops, so that the jacket when riding a bike, or when neither always slip up, cable routing for headphones and much more.

Both criminals and undercover policemen not to be recommended, but for people, even a little abflashen want my tip!