Big, Big Trend! Denim Forever! Our Jeans Outfit for TK Maxx

In the world of fashion, there are new developments at any time. Every day new trends are seen soon on the big fashion shows of the world famous designer, in the latest fashion magazines and on Fashionblogs on the Internet arise. Not infrequently one there finds materials or cuts, which were already very present in the past. Currently, for example the trend for jeans is such a trend, which has been already once very popular. Jeans was a material that certain lots of outfits in the 90s. Denim jackets, baggy denim pants and more from the robust material were said at the time. In the new season, the jeans now trend experienced his comeback. Now, you can buy elegant items of clothing from jeans in many shops . This feature but with new and surprising cuts and exciting washings.

If you considered that some time ago jeans and denim out were even complete and only the last fashion outsiders yet jeans have carried, is yet so amazing what Renaissance denim has experienced in recent years. Also the League of luxury denim is new, as he for example of true religion and seven are marked for all mankind, and who have established a new price level beyond the €200 mark.

The versatility of the jeans pants
Especially in the area of the pants, jeans are real Evergreen. Hardly anyone has a clothes closet where there is not at least a pair of jeans. Not only women, but also men love the comfortable pants from jeans fabric, which can be worn on many different issues. Especially Blue Jeans are a trend that will remain in the future. Here, there are various forms, which are so different, that each right can find to his character. For men-wide cuts are currently no longer said.

The gangster-style is a thing of the past, and will be replaced by a reference to the typical style of British boys. Skinny Jeans that are snug on the leg, or at least straight cut models are in the trend. You can be casual rolled up or combined to the chic jacket. Not only Blue Jeans can men wear – even jeans in black, gray or Burgundy are the trend.
Men jeans shirts that can be worn in the classic Western look or modern interpreted or in combination with accessories, such as for example a fly is again up-to-date.

For women, there is currently a greater selection of jeans cuts. For them the Skinny Jeans remains absolutely said, but is the Boyfriend Jeans by their relatives and the Bootcut supplements, which work quite differently. Skinny Jeans fit wonderfully wide oversized tops and casual jackets. You can revive with a Bootcut the bygone hippie style. It is elegantly combined but also suitable for Office use. In women is also quite slow another trend from the 80igern back into the roll. So the bib of denim comes again.

Jeans as a material also in other clothing brands
One finds these days not only many pants jeans material. Other clothing items are now made with this material and very hot. Especially popular is and remains as the denim jacket. There both for men and for women in many different versions. Everyone can wear what pleases him. Wide bomber jackets, tailored models, long and short jackets are available and even coats. If you like, you can wear even a denim vest. It has men and women very casual and cool and makes every outfit teen. In “jeans all over” we advise outfits (completely in jeans) but to be careful – these are dangerous should be well coordinated.

Our denim outfit for men by TK Maxx
We went shopping at TK Maxx again and have put together an outfit of Jeans for men, that between casual and preppy look is located. Above we have a light denim shirt with a casual washed and combined button buttons to a thick, dark blue jacket and below a dark just slightly skinny-cut jeans,. To do this we have chosen high leather boots, but loose openly carried and colors are matched to the belt. If you want to make the outfit more strictly, loafers can be to do this with colored socks (E.g. senffarben) combined and a mustard also fly and an equally handkerchief. Probably a little too much would be a classic unisex or Wayfarer rockabilly Sunglasses brown gradient.

At TK Maxx, which is especially for men’s Gold Label area highly recommended, because there international top brands at real prices of dream can reap. Just for the look of the jeans you get also the well-known, large jeans brands for shirts, pants, jackets and shirts at appropriate prices. Looks best on occasion again at TK Maxx in. Because known way comes there every day new goods in the stores, so there is always something new to discover. Here you go. to the Fillialfinder.

At TK Maxx you can find also an outfit, that our Bloggerkollege Sascha Pietsch has compiled by Horstson.
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