Bikini Bandeau Conquers The Bloggers More T-Shirts

There is who does not go down the train. Between the bikinis season the bandeau It remains a favorite of many women. Strapless, with different designs where there are also more modern or sports details. Some bloggers They even dare to become a street top bandeau.

Sirma Markova is the one who opts for a white model of Massimo Celeste. If white wins in dresses this season why not it would do by bath fashion? The kimono’s H & M It is a good choice for Beach days.

Jessica Christ prefer to convert the bikini of Dakota Superfly in a garment street rather than Beach and this combined with a fake long skirt with transparencies and asymmetry in the bass. There are the sports of the day to finish off the look.

Bandeau in vogue in its low-cost version

  • Bandeau bikini of Zara for 12.95 euros.
  • Printed bikini of H & M for 9.95 euros.
  • Striped bikini of Mango for 19.99 euros.

Photos | Jessica Christ, Sirma Markova

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