Brain Blah Everyone To Be Nice, But No One’s Allowed It.

I have a girlfriend who is not only Flash-clever, but undoubtedly also beautiful. The Diamantin of my acquaintance circle so to speak, before confidence strotzend and even objectively spotless inside and out. Just it radiates also that, since elementary school, so she can count real female friendships of according to today about a hand. This is no excuse, in any case, I had to quickly throw my own guess–those of a possible leak in terms of social skills, overboard; several times I could watch namely live, how male fellow twisted his neck is after her, while the present ladies left had nothing but derogatory, plagued by fear looks for the sow-smart beauty queen. It’s now highly stung, but I mean that, because man who is only cute therefore, is rarely perceived as a threat, but is the total package: panic, big time.

We leave it now just so in space, another observation namely straight lead us into a much more interesting one-way street. Who currently closely monitored the media current affairs, past be come hardly at all the loud slogans for more self-determination, self love and self being who knows to the current, sometimes up to beyond the borders also marketed body-positive choir, just eagerly tune in to the all opinion makers. We welcome this development, very even, just I me increasingly wonder whether the said appeal at all was understood. All should be nice, but (as well as no one) do?

A simple, perhaps extreme example that primarily to illustrate: who every now and again a little wobble on the own Bacon, hailed the courage involved, who praises his seemingly oversized nose in the sky, attesting Gets a healthy dose of pride and also applies the loving to show wear small and large human individuality as socially acceptable. That is after all, unconditional love, even to himself. Beautiful and important sounds and is. But only up to a certain level of optical good shape.

Other rules apply to

inevitably beautiful felt. I am not saying now, that the average equipped cross-section of the world, or any extreme (I slap me at this point even on the straight happening classification) no reason more have in 2016 to the complaint, no, for superficialities you will like buffeted, blemish work finally still a popular target of verbal then and discrimination. However, and here we come back to my girlfriend: who actually approximates the current ideal of beauty, anyway (my idea after the vast majority are, by the way), which has of course easily talk to hide but as much. Although no rolls, but their own self-esteem, the rays and Strotzen before no doubt. Is not sympathetic, namely, to be so completely at peace with his appearance, particularly as the exterior is just a random shell who says little and was not even elected. Is just too much of a good.

For those whose Antlitz is undeniably well managed, and beneath the surface there are to explore otherwise little soothing mediocrity for those who’s still not see, to hide behind feigned humility, for those who don’t flirt, with its benefits but these are having no problem, for all those it rains as little applause for the supposedly gray mouse. My girlfriend about applies, especially since she is honest with themselves and others, increasingly as a cocky, smug, arrogant, haughty and näsig, as self-covered or overbearing. Completely wrong, but I put my hand and also my hair in the fire. I still suspect where this misconception come from.

My friend met a compliment that she got during a nice evening in a bar by a woman mind you, recently very confidently, if also unexpected: you thanked friendly and happy, instead of as usual and purely socialized ashamed to deny the mesmerizing shape of their eyes. What way would have been ridiculous, man must simply in rigid, non-stop. In the bathroom sitting could be heard on ten minutes later without any problems with, how the Kumpanin of the compliment employer noticed that „ which with the DOE eyes but already pretty cool “ would find, because who would I find myself good-looking.

I washed his hands, me sad about the confirmation of my premonitions because my girlfriend is no matter that she is my girlfriend, a type of murder and anything but unpleasant self-indulgent, I swear high and Holy. She is just confident completely rightly, only this small but significant difference for the general public seems to be almost invisible. With measure is two in many areas of life and the perception measured, all right, but God damn it, write there and cheer and clap on out there against the self-hatred that, while they are apparently not ready for the opposite. Whining maybe Ay on the missing introductory phase, seems to be already popular as happy courage up the sparks fly. And what can you do?

Maybe in the next compliment do something quite unexpected: say thank you. Because changes sometimes start with ourselves.