Brain Blah The Social Media Luxury Problem

An Instagram post I down had typed last night in a fit of insomnia, seemed still when the upload as a very logical, very attached and dingend necessary. Only is well intentioned, has long been not automatically well done, what should show immediately in the following comments and had first seriously doubt me on my mental Constitution for a brief moment and then the ability to express myself understandable for every man and woman. Therefore I try on this channel once again, with a bit more room for the explanation of my reasoning – although had I honestly mainly harbored a very fundamental hatred cap on social media and its mutation to the plague for body and soul (probably also because I am part of it) and yet this too much Cola drinking.

But at least I wrote something of about “people. A designer bag makes you no happier than a walk through the Park. Especially if you’re only 20. And if you buy such an expensive bag Pookums, then make at least sure that it meets your heart with real joy, because it is for a particular section in your life is a big step, because it also always really matters to you for whatever reason and to a dumb but sweet derived is intended symbol grows up. But not just because of the logo. Or several influencer. Most of them pay a (countable not in bank notes) price for this luxury yet to do so, most people do not pay at all would.” easily, I decided this must be said finally and best again.

What were the fashion magazines are also Instagrammer * inside today nunmal largely and right here it is beautiful, but also the danger hidden. A photo friendly man is nahbarer as a printed piece no doubt glossy paper and providing dangerous much identification area. It is so like to be forgotten is that often a use job and here and there probably also the one or the other from the consumer madness insanity behind all the seemingly immaculate bling bling. But even if we assume the best, namely, that the man behind the images and logos is in clear mind and truly happy, must be clear somehow that this delight not by buying anything someone else can be transferred. And most importantly: leave must not be transferred. PI had already taken this conflict at this point in professional words. One of the most important findings is:

“our society suggested in multiple channels, that we can buy happiness, satisfaction, success, image, self worth, simply “the good life”, with the right products. Each life is made nowadays consumable (…) you fall in love in a great, massive, huge dining table, not the table itself is the real object of desire usually (even though he is still a great design classics from quite fantastic material). What one actually sees in him, is usually much deeper. Maybe of it tagträumt you to sit with family and friends at this table, see together to laugh, eat, have great conversations. But then you bought the table, these actual thereby not needs Yes. You still longs and continues to seek satisfaction in the consumer” is probably very congruent with luxury goods.

I pass now fully aware that to justify my own consumption desire, that we have a logo buyers all part of the waffle have, from a wide variety of reasons, it is clear how dumpling soup. I know very well that I unfortunately of God himself would like to explain me with various designer handbag, which I have, put me by the way, all of my own money to either a piece of magic in my eyes aura of a highly acclaimed favorite designer and whose visions around the arm hang and decorate me thus, or me, that it was worth to be zero free time have been for many years a diligent tooth with zero point , which once gave security to soon stumbling into independence with all its advantages and disadvantages. The circus is similar in me, after taxes hateful projects about an at least carefully covered reward mechanism. Perhaps even compensation for lost youth, to be a bit dramatic and at the same time to make it clear that my path and associated privileges must be not necessarily desirable. And if he’s on the an or other but his, but maybe better for reasons other than Gucci.

It all also means: I really appreciate every purchase. Very even. And am still fortunate to not compromise for such a frippery. That is, I, a large of thousand sticking points think. There is of course also very different times. I was just at that time by no means unhappy. A pink hand bag is fleeting like a wild summer basically and should at some point again a winter break, which may change nothing in the personal well-being. Those who about give up vacations or good food to to be able to believe the environment that enough money is available, due to the General pressure for example, waste or anyway not eligible to be scavenged for such an issue, it does however. There is happiness at the Täschenhenkel, if only in terms of transferring. I had to feel recently anyway, in no uncertain terms, most recently when I heard the story of the good friend of one of my two little sisters. And I understand that. Because there is too little transparency and it comes in addition to exchange between Viewer and posing.

Said girlfriend about worshipping one of the largest German Influencerinnen and follows Moreover all Internet stars who mostly rich are ten years older and no longer under MOM’s table stand with your feet, chasing through the world or bathe in abundance, or both at the same time. It would be nice, you could well say: they had granted. Because I would not want to swap and leave it looking at colorful images. But often it is not so easy. By viewing third-party life, said 16 year-old was eventually permanently sorrow. And just because your dining table to present no golden legs had and the shoes no logo. She had lost track, the sense of the real and of relations, for being, licence and a real joy. That these sparkling figures should be there outside a maximum style inspirations, but no real role models. At least not because of the number of Dolce & Gabbana products in the wardrobe. Hence my post.

You may convict, if need be as absolutely, of course other people wearing designer clothes. You can set other priorities. You can wear even which – at the right time. Perhaps with 20, maybe 40 or only with 60, because it can, or because saving is fun, because they inherited or worked and for me too, because the guy has mice. But you should take distance of it if at all possible, to influence take possessions of others to their own satisfaction. Other people, other life, other reasons, maybe just other priorities, so simple and difficult at the same time. And if all the Gerde doesn’t help, then we must maybe every now and then close your eyes and think of the glückseligsten people we know personally. I think of my grandma MIA there again and again. That has worked all her life in the own field and has one instead of sparkling handbags exorbitantly large collection of floral wellies.