Brain Blah Why Lena Dunhams Cellulite On The Cover Is So Important

The American Glamour magazine has decided that the four “GIRLS” to get stars on the cover of the February issue. Despite small blemish. For the first time in the history of the women’s magazine landscape is to recognize genuine cellulite on the cover page of a high-gloss production so – an important statement and much more than that. Logically located. That this issue was produced exclusively by women for women and 90% of us what exactly as Director and protagonist Lena Dunham wear adorable bumps on butt or legs around, particularly in terms. She can usually just see nobody. An opinion that given may seem strange reality, but perfectly presentable is.

I still distinctly remember a conversation in New York I had with an editor of Grazia. You asked me about my opinion on this and that and after I noted many positives, I remembered category of the magazine, in which employees are likely to contribute their mustard on current topics at the last second but still the Pro and cons. Was a post that particularly evil came across me and stayed in worse memory, of those on the lingerie campaign, in the Lena and Jemima Kirke himself lounged in all its glory and underwear on the edge of a bathtub. While I had left itself only applause for the resulting images, the double part actually about blusters that „ something “ really no one wanted to see. Something so big. Something so smoothly. Even when reading these lines, the jaw dropping me. Until now I had thought simply not about that except the brands even anybody to contact might have something against sympathetic and confident realism in pictorial form. Against the general tenor of positive body feeling, which benefits above all from a natural approach to diversity. Against people who show up so, as mother nature had created.

Apparently I forgot also that media are always afterwards, that requires the mass. A cover, which shows a woman of color, yet always slower than one that is emblazoned on the typical white Hollywood beauty sells. Brigitte had to then quickly move away from its concept to pose readers instead of models in editorials. And especially in everyday life it occurs the intolerance especially for us, the consumers, begins to. For this you must go a bit from our relatively open-minded bubbling bubble out, but then it goes very quickly: there are twisted eyes because someone far away from dress size 34 Hot Pants. There is on the must-have of „ beneficial “ clothing pointed out. And free belly bellies punished with facial expressions of disgust. Every day and quite independent of the figure of the judging. They are namely also usually strenuous busy to cover so-called problem areas rather than to exercise in self-love and them to treat others. Why this is so, explained himself very simplified with viewing habits, socialization and suggested ideals, but also with a certain unease that wide which makes it a follower meets courage. This should really still not even more than brave apply in 2016, to be oneself. Whether in photos or in life.

Lena Dunham does so only it properly. She already 2016 in response to strong edit photos of her that appeared without agreement on the title of a Spanish magazine stated in one of her essays: “the gap between what I believe and what I allow to be done to my image has to close now. If that means no more fashion-magazine covers, so be it. (MR) Thanks to the glamour it was not existence, quite on the contrary then but obviously still with the cover girl. Now getting used to and the change in viewing habits revolves around probably. It was up to me, all magazines should tighten tomorrow and the February spending credo “your look. Your body. Your happiness. Your future” immediately connect. So soon no Rooster crows more after the public bumps and lyrics like this are finally obsolete.