Cameron Diaz Fendi at The Premiere of Something Can Happen in Las Vegas

The Premieres allow us to see to the Star at its peak, their costumes at night more special, with the best hairstyles and the best face. In the end, circle media that lift is such that forgets what was the reason for the event, i.e., the release of a movie. It is an unfair background, but when we are talking about a title like Something happens in The Vegas, nothing much.

In this case, the premiere was in the Imperial Hotel Tokyo, the date of release in Japan, ahead of August 16. There we could see the main couple, both with a care styling since they would know that this photo would return to the world and all opinaríamos over it.

Cameron Diaz These events tend to look like ever, highlighting the physicist who has led her to be where it is. Saw it very beautiful girl from ‘Red Riding Hood’ long, and now we see that he prefers the Italian Fendi brand to dress.

With a short dress Word of honor, toasted tones, the actress sought to shine that night, but He made a mistake in the combination. The color of the shoes was white pure and there nipped in the care Fendi dress. A penalty.

Meanwhile, his pair of cast, Ashton Kutcher, he opted for the easy way, with a shirt Long Sleeve Green very dark, and some Cowboys game (this time Yes) with her, the young actor it was right.