Coachella blanket scarf, parka, favorite jeans and Aviator sunglasses

With the next two weekends, the festival season opens in California’s Coachella Valley . While Daniel enjoy great Live music and performances among like-minded people on the spot, we can only dream of the summer festival feeling. The forecast is currently: rain. But April was not the April, if not sometimes the Sun spontaneously share would push the clouds.

Thick coats and jackets have long been in the closet, it defies the little wind currently best with big scarves. Most of Kashmir, because it’s so wonderfully light and soft. As well as rays of the Sun tickle the nose, the charmer in the bag disappears. Always ready to use my Aviator sunglasses waiting there. This year again the absolute must-have. So you can wear the stylish parts also in the evening, is the latest collection of ‘top gun’ House suppliers with clear glass.

Planned this parka with butterfliesis my companion for Open-Air events. I have the little butterflies on smart reason online at the browse discovered. Immediately several looks in mind was clear, the cost-per-wear balance would be balanced in any case. Short white dress with lace: fits; orange red tunics: also fits and shorts with a shirt anyway. With my favorite jeans and a Flamingo-Pink top of Parker got a taste already spring air. Admittedly it was pretty fresh, but yes, as mentioned there’s scarves.