Collection Steve Madden Fall-Winter 2007/08

This summer I gave my madness for purchasing shoes as long ago that it was not me. In a matter of days I got five pairs of high heels. I have already spent my stage dancers, ballerinas and everything like it. So with the arrival of the heat and the magnificent trends in platforms and wedges I became completely crazy.

It was at this point in my story where I found Steve Madden designs and I have to say that it was the glory. Obviously they aren’t about s Manolo, Louboutin s or Cho’s, but I loved. Particularly had a romance of summer with a platform peep – toe camel color with wood and our love affair continues.

But the central point is that the new collection for the Autumn-Winter 2007/08 I’ve seen has also managed to take me to the ecstasy of my crisis by shoes. I love everyone and it is that Madden thinks about our alter ego ultra feminine at the time of disenadr your shoes. Whether in leather, patent leather or fabric I assure you they will love.

For this collection, Steve has been inspired by trends to come, i.e. the Corsair and the continuity of platformer with retro style, boots also cribs still in. In terms of materials patent leather and metallic colors are arrazando, without forgetting that now prints whether animals or moles are still a special place.

From New York, Madden dares and proposes an evocation of Carmen Miranda and the rumberas of the cinema of gold with large flowers and fruits for your feet. In particular, is one of the options that I crave less, but equally and there is who makes it completely majara.

However, this creative and easy cobbler do not forget low shoes they are so comfortable and fun and it brings an image more “Lolita” by filling them with sequins and PomPoms. I think even more than “Lolita” what he wants is to transport us to the world of the wizard of Oz.

The trend, and put a lot of attention, which Madden predicts they will be square heels and the return of the informal attire to be co-ordinated with footwear made with tweed, with buckles and monkeys. There is no doubt that Carrie Bradshaw knew the pleasure which involves buying some wonderful and dream shoes.