Current Oktoberfest Dirndl and Cool Costume Trends for Alpine World

Alpine world of some other online shop for Dirndl, leather pants and co. whether Oktoberfest, traditional Club or for bands or just. You will find the perfect outfit in the Alpine World online shop. Country house fashion is in the trend of the times and finds more and more lovers. Mainly because now everything offered is what your heart desires. A denim Dirndl as this model from the 2013 collection from Kruger Madl signals allows what is like.

The comprehensive range of women’s, men’s and children’s fashion leaves no wish unfulfilled. Give it the matching accessories to any look. The outfits online shop offers everything to decorate the own four walls style country house look of the Alpine world.

Always on the pulse of the time, the customer will find trendy and traditional fashion. That wear a costume is not only fashion, but also an expression of the community. The focus is the piece of clothing. What is worn today as a Dirndl or costumes has little to do with the regional folk costumes, it’s a trend.

An important accessory in the Dirndl is the loop, it symbolizes the status of the wearer. The wearer binds their loop on the right side, she signal so that it is forgiven. A loop on the left side mean that the wearer is still up for grabs. The wearer binds the loop behind it symbolizes that she is a widow. There is today no longer understand where this symbolism comes from.

Now during the summer months there is the traditional time with all its facets. The beer gardens and summer festivals entice your guests to show right to sign in a Dirndl or a short leather trousers. JA to cool a matching for the hours and the outfit is complete.

A special occasion to wear costumes are E.g. weddings and other family celebrations. Here is wearing Dirndl and Lederhosen fashionable but also traditionally more and more to the fore.

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