“Feminism – me cares!” – But why? An explanation essay.

There are people, equality just seems to be no matter where. Why? And how do you deal with them? An explanation attempt.

It’s happening again. At events, in the circle of acquaintances, at family reunions. Sometimes unexpectedly – really from the rear through the chest in the eye – more often but unsurprisingly and already anticipated with an inward sigh. There is for example the young woman at the party, which suddenly challenging asks me during a very nice conversation on the topic of equality: “you’re a feminist? Does that mean you don’t want that someone holds the door friends?” Or the visitor of a reading, which only tells me “feminism? Heard the term is quite wrong. It’s equality, not to women”, and then pushes up, she was emancipated without feminism. Or those acquaintances who told in good company, she wanted children, but in any case it was difficult to reconcile with the job under a hat just for women. Only, then quickly to announce: “so, I’m now but no feminist or something!”.

In such situations I must watch very, that will be no actual sighs from my inner. Prejudices or misconceptions let himself away eventually not just sigh. So I smile kindly and begin to explain my counterpart, as it really is. With feminism, equality and all that. That for various reasons a lot of people have a problem with feminism, is nothing new. And it also magazine cover will be as soon as the current glamour (“Club – why feminism is cool girls, who does with (even men!), how to wear it, why he’s not annoying!”) nothing to change. Prejudices are but only one. Indifference is difficult.

More and more freedoms

How many times it happened to me, that I’m about trumps sexism, the image of women in the afd, restrictive abortion laws in Poland, discrimination against everything that is not heterosexual, racism and misogynist representations in radio and TV broadcasting upset. And to simply shrugs his shoulders: “Yes, may be, but it simply does not concern me.” An attitude that I find amazing and shocking each time. How can all this be a matter? A question, by the way, at least as often provided me by desperate shocked relatives and friend * inside, experiencing similar situations. Like, Yes?

I have not written a thesis on this subject, but I have a few guesses. There was first the mantra of individual potential and the ubiquitous “you go!”. We all are responsible for our luck and whoever wants to can also – alone power and the will to succeed is what counts. For the British cultural scientist Angela mcrobbie, the social process of individualization in plays an important role. Their analysis looks: In the neo-liberal social system there is – at least loud as the promise – more and more freedoms. The possibility of own participation – in English that means increasing agency -. Young women could and should take their lives into their own hands. The society as a whole unit of course sight: State and society are not included in the responsibility but each * r single * r.

The own person as an exception

This is the paradox: many quite perceive inequalities. But with themselves and their lives, the whole thing has little to do. This is probably because that they failed the small and large differences ignore and think that individual phenomena are that. For this purpose, a result from 2013 of the Brigitte study update fits women on the go, which shows that the company is considered critical as your own curriculum vitae. The study says: “perceptions stagnant society, in some ways is even downhill. “The respondents themselves but keep wacker and win against the perceived overall trend.” The own person as an exception.

Perhaps is the real problem however is that feminism as a movement was too successful. Laugh because despite the whole inequality that still mean today us in the face: but a lot has changed in recent decades. And we grew up with these achievements of the women’s movement. Many people forget that but like to go – they forget that they themselves are mainly thanks to feminism in the privileged position, to be able to find equality rather unimportant. Maybe they want to be remembered simply not that there are structures and systems that disadvantage women and minorities – and remember that individualism from a certain point won’t help. Yes, “you go”. But in many cases it is only up to a certain point and no further.

The view opens – sometimes

Remains the question, what is “I don’t care” faction responds. Honestly: I haven’t found the ultimate solution. It’s always on the situation: it knows well his counterpart? Or rather not? It has a bit of time to arguing and convincing? Or rather not? Either way: the least of these talks end with great enlightenment and words like: “now I know what you mean! Equality, yeah! Fully important! “.” And some people are simply resistant to the enlightenment. But sometimes something just stuck. The view opens and maybe there’s even an experience that permanently changed the look and the own attitude. Several later former trailer * indoor met me weeks, months of “I don’t care”-group, where all was now not more so no matter. Because they had meanwhile on his own body or at least immediately learn that just yet not all is peace, joy, pancakes.

I have so no ultimate solution, except: speeches. Convince. Continue. In spite of everything. Even if useless feel, even though it frustrates. Because even more frustrating is when us the “I don’t care” attitude would actually matter.