Finally Online & In Stores The Purchase You Happy X Jane Wayne Collection

We forget the cat out of the bag today for once instead of line long to chat about the Bush, because our heart project of the last few months is online today before the actual store openings: BONJOUR SIMONE – or:

Buy happily x this is Jane Wayne

We are bursting with pride, are terribly excited, very nice speechless and infinitely grateful for this dream has become true with message , the we happy were allowed to sit around with Andrea, Christoph, and the whole team by buying in the past nine months. So, are you ready? Here you will find that all 13 collection pieces in the series after:

– straw hat FRIDA –
– striped sweater RAINBOW –

– jeans pants JANE –


– dress MIRNA –


– cowboy boot JANE WAYNE –

– denim jacket EQUALITY –

– VIRGINIA blouse –

– T-Shirt SECOND SEX –

– Sweatshirt VIOLA –


– pin EQUALITY –
– pin GIRLS –

– notebook BOOBS –
– jute bag BONJOUR bag –

With our collection we want to give all the gathered inspiration of in recent months and the special treasures of our closets, as the cherished vintage finds from Paris or New York, again to life and combine with one of the most important topics for Jane Wayne. We want to create a collection that is not only becoming but also comfortable. One that lets us be us easy. Because fashion must be whatever political or must, we want with Bonjour, Simone! In addition, a sign put that accountable for unconditional equality and the answered in the negative by patriarchal structures so of course should belong to our everyday lives as the favorite sweater. And we just as nonchalantly as selbstischer carry this conviction in the world. Best together:

Andrea Dahmen & Christoph Munier, holder purchase you happy about the collaboration:

“Actually Yes each other never personally meet fans, but Nike and Sarah had stretched out probably its ramifications in a similar direction as we. And because this is Jane Wayne join exactly two women, what they want, was a common energy- and a giant portion of fairly similar humor immediately! The small, fine common colleagues is almost like saying originated lesson. It’s like see friends who already had ze awhile know each other and had taken in the vintage store probably for similar parts. Probably even more browse experience as we have Sarah and Nike. So real favorite parts are produced, the storytelling. Our stories and quite incidentally yet which from the time when feminism on the street went.”