Four Mixtures of Colors to Test before The Summer End

I know that there is much more to the end of the summer, but then catches us Bull and we were new that dress so cute that we buy at the end of the sales or forget that last year we bought a beautiful skirt that would be great with our new crop top. Sometimes we have so many clothes in the closet that we forget everything we have, so today I put due you and taste New blends to experiment in a summer with lots of color.

Fuchsia polka dot. In principle it sounds demasiƩ for the body, but it looks that he is well. The polka dots in black and white are elegant and with a vivid color contrast, a success.

Blue with yellow. They are two very summer colors: the blue of the sea with the yellow of the Sun. They are well, and give joy to the looks of the summer. Wear them together before it reaches September.

Orange with blue and white stripes. I love this look as current: typical shirt sailor stripe skirt midi carrying both a so appetizing as this Tangerine tone colour. Ideal.

Purple with black. Although black is not too appropriate for heat, everything changes if we add a short pleated purple miniskirt. A cute combination that want to try.