Heroines Serena Williams – Too Masculine, Too Muscular, Too Big, Too Aggressive?

Shows your recent open letter: tennis pro Serena Williams makes her thing – simply and can anyone say in how it has to be.

Serena Williams a lot has need to listen to in their lives: it is male, too muscular, too big, too aggressive. A Russian tennis official spoke of the “Williams Brothers” when it came to Serena and her sister Venus. The whole thing is not only sexist, but also racist–a white tennis player would have known hardly anyone as “Gorilla”. The tennis player Caroline Wozniacki stuffed 2012 even her bra and her shorts to mimic in a show match against Maria Sharapova Williams. Audience * Interior and commentator * indoor found super funny. In the sports world, muscular, athletic women’s bodies are needed – but only if they belong to white women.

For years, Williams has met proverbs and comments, the opposition stubbornly with performance. She has won, over and over. In addition to Steffi Graf, today, she is the most successful tennis player of all time: awarded 22 Grand-Slam titles, multiple Olympic gold medals in singles and doubles, with numerous important awards of the WTA (World Tennis Association), best verdienendste player ever. And all this without scandals, without embarrassing private stories. What is it called so beautiful: what counts is ranked’m.


Twerken with Beyonce

But in recent years it has become clear that not only the course counts for Serena Williams just. Always open, she talks about topics such as sexism and racism and their own experiences. Just “20 amazing women 2016” Williams has an open letter for the output of the Porter written magazine. It’s equal pay and gender stereotypes. Williams writes:

“For me, it was a question of resilience. What others marked as flaws or disadvantages about myself – my race, my gender – I embraced as fuel for my success. I never let anything or anyone define me or my potential. I controlled my future.”

Serena Williams like a role model for girls for their first major tournament successes in the late 1990s / early 2000s and young women have been worldwide today she seems to be – the role as model but to accept and embrace. That does not always necessarily takes the form of open letters or encouraging words. No, sometimes even dancing is enough: twerkt Williams in the skintight Leotard in addition to the Queen of pop in Beyonce’s video of for sorry and it obviously has a lot of fun. “I am not sorry for who I am”, explained Williams.

Williamsches shrug

That’s why it is even really matter, what others think of you. They white, right she never can make it all. And that didn’t want them. “Too muscly and too masculine, and then a week later too racy and sexy too ‘, said Williams in an interview with the guardian on the note, that appearance will often criticized. “So for me it was really just a big joke”. The williamsche shrug is not reflected in the interview, you can imagine but good. Haters gonna hate – Serena Williams WINS in the meantime just keep.