How to Dress Chic in Summer?

Summer is coming, even if the weather of recent days makes us think otherwise. The summer period forces us to revise our dressing room and find the right combinations to be relaxed while keeping a touch of class.

Men's Summer Fashion

With the heat, the shorts is required. Yes, please gentlemen, there is a length on which no one should compromise: anything under the fateful 2cm above the knee. Spread on your “short pants”, too many releases is sign of one thing: your weakness! So the shorts will be slightly turned on the farm thigh, beige or colored ultra whatever, you can even let you go to a costume of shorts, clips, right … they will love!

As for the pair of proper shoes, another mistake not to commit would be to rush you on a fantastic pair of plastic clappers. They prefer a pair of Spartan rising leather, very stylish, perfect and classes. In all cases, they will go great with this little jean shorts or chinot it makes you eye in the window. If your sensitive toes refuse to show, opting for a pair of shoes officer, of the type Richelieu, fabric or leather, the result will be at the rendezvous. By cons one last tip: no socks, much less “mini” socks, nothing more ugly!

And then, shirts, sweater-shirt-marcel? For the top, I let you judge. Personally I do not declare war on the short-sleeved shirts, long criticized as too “Jean-Claude Convenant”, the problem is not the shirt but how it is worn. A t-shirt worn loose will rage if your body just assume (not too many muscles or hair), otherwise you risk the cliche “hunk out of real TV” and there is the drama. For a really classy look, break your piggy bank and through the door of a shopJean-Paul Gaultier. The sailor has a bright future before her, as saying she is ageless, timeless and blends with any outfit.

And the rest? Les accessories are not to be overlooked. Always keep in mind that the accessory should not overshadow the outfit. It has to be present but discreetly. A watch dresses too frail wrist, a bit vintage like papa will age you just right. Do me the favor to remove all trinkets purchased socks radius of your H & M, otherwise I send you on the e-shop of You lack a pair of sunglasses to complete your look. To continue in sobriety, it spreads like glasses winter sport, or Cagole. It still stings to her old Dad but so trendy pair of Rayban. Beyond being a fashion accessory, it will protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.

Here’s my advice for the summer just for you gentlemen, then so enjoy my past mistakes not to ridicule you on the beach! I await your feedback!

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