It’s Official Our Kdg X Jane Wayne Capsule Collection

What is formed when suddenly from a small dream is something tangible and great? A 13-part collection for example, which, if you will, reflects the essence of our personal style, but also the design signature of purchase happy takes you. A fashionable fusion with message more or less, that we could be hardly proud. As with Andrea, Christopher and her team we were planned more last summer unexpectedly as long hand of the best partners that we ever had to wish for our first own capsule collection. Although we had not even sought.

Maybe it was the unconditional and shared will to do everything just a little bit differently, to remain stubborn and still to use a statement that us almost as merged by itself. I know anyway, still exactly what looked like the first meeting less than a three-quarter year ago. It’s unspectacular namely. Four we sat you back then on a cozy couch somewhere in the wedding, in the Studio of purchase happy, we drank coffee with too much milk, ate cookies, which were bigger than my head, swallowing us with loud laughter in the limo and finally unanimously noted that each * r individuals by us very much pleasure were, to concoct something together. Only what? It took a few minutes, there was the penny, which for many months would accompany our everyday work now: “Bonjour, Simone!” – the #kdgxjanewayne collection, which from 1 March online and in all purchase you happy branches will be available. Made in Europe of course. 

“Because I don’t think that the woman by nature man is inferior, I don’t think also that she is superior to him inherently.”
– Simone De Beauvoir.


With our collection we want to give all the gathered inspiration of in recent months and the special treasures of our closets, as the cherished vintage finds from Paris or New York, again to life and combine with one of the most important topics for Jane Wayne. We want to create a collection that is not only becoming but also comfortable. One that lets us be us easy. Because fashion must be whatever political or must, we want with Bonjour, Simone! In addition, a sign put that accountable for unconditional equality and the answered in the negative by patriarchal structures so of course should belong to our everyday lives as the favorite sweater. And we just as nonchalantly as selbstischer carry this conviction in the world. The best in:

“the woman remains no other way out as (continue) to work on their liberation. And this liberation can be only a collective.”
– Simone de Beauvoir.

All photos: Kristin Kallon

Beside a flowing boho dress with fine embroidery, which is my favorite dress from the 70s, modeled after a jeans jacket that leaves room for wide sleeve including a wide pants that makes Sarah’s favorite jeans in the closet by a refined and adapted cut, finally a little portable, the long sought and never previously found perfect cowboy boots, red ballerinas, a sweater with pansies knitting , a striped blouse with really balloon ’ esquen balloon sleeves and pins, there are also four T-Shirts, which are meant as a humorous tribute to Simone De Beauvoir – bosom-print for example and a personal greeting on the icon of feminism together with. The prices range from €38,00 for a T-Shirt and € 200 for boots.

More information, all the links to the online shop and the campaign video follow on March 1st.
We are so excited, but especially:
grateful. For you and for all.

A big thanks goes especially out to Andrea, Christoph, Nina, Lisa, Feli, Aida, Kristin, Melina, Simone, Sarah & our sissy. You are worth gold.