Live in Levi of – My Story with Sweepstakes

Yes the new live in Levi’s has been running campaign since September and certainly you have seen already the TV commercials for the campaign or read our article on the fashion Insider.

The heart of the new campaign is actually everyone connects Levi’s a certain story and had special stories and experiences in the jeans you like remembers back and that have a special meaning for us. Levi’s would like our and your Levi stories to hear it and gets to the join on Instagram.

For me, it is Levi in particular for freedom. I grew up in East Germany and had to settle for me with bulky (and I don’t know what that really was a material) GDR jeans and a rebel who had a genuine 501 in the schoolyard, was because he had a Western jeans, what matter was already a small rebellion and could cause that it was prompted by the Party able to wear pants just in the Leisure and not in school – in short it was the Chief , the James Dean rebel who saw school out well and much it hard to envy the teachers also suppress. Who paid attention a Levi’s meticulously on his jeans, so that nothing happened to her, the replenishment was almost impossible to get and so the jeans were also worn until nothing was – his knees were at some point, one shorts out of it was made and was she worn still wide, came still patches or patch on it – until just nothing went. And even then, it could be that the jeans in a bag to was tailored.

Unfortunately, I was not equipped with appropriate connections and so hit me with the ostigen pseudo jeans by my Teeniezeit. The images from advertising and the experiences with the Levi’s were what but set-makers. It was the time where Levi promoted it with real men in jeans and white T-shirts were free, the rebels, just doing their thing, out in the Wild West. It all seemed so far away in the small narrowed world full of rules, prohibitions and supply gaps and so it was no surprise that after the fall of the wall, the storming of the Department stores started, because there was only one goal – the own Levi’s 501.

Berlin business Maaßen 10 opened 1989 Maaßen road 10, that probably knows every East Berliners. There also 2. choice sold’s Levi, who were a bit cheaper and because the money was scarce, about 10 m and Levi started it for many without the flag. Because only the perfect jeans of 1st choice get the small red flags at Levi’s. There are even still also the shop if he now operates several subsidiaries in other locations in Berlin and now offers a complete range of jeans.

A few years ago, I moved from Berlin to Potsdam and enjoy the landscape, lakes and the architecture of the city, and running on my jogging round naturally about the dividing line between the former East Germany and West Berlin, when I cross the Glienicke bridge. The sooner there agents in highly dramatic scenes were exchanged I can imagine myself today. However, I have now the freedom to do and to be what I want to go, to leave or to stay where I want and I can dress how I want. And so Levi has me’s and many others when the longing for freedom, as well as on the way to freedom and is today part of our own lives and Yes – now first choice.

If you have a particular part that tells a particular story, makes with the competition and upload a picture of it on Instagram and syncs it with #liveinlevis and #levismoments and best @fashion_insider_magazin so that I can tell your stories. The images that get the most likes, shopping vouchers to the value of EUR 100 or one of 25 Levi’s win Costumizing Kit. And I link the most beautiful pictures then also here with us in the blog. What others already have uploaded, you can see your here in the photostream.