Luce Your Chic Hat and Protect Yourself from The Sun This Summer!

Exposed to the Sun too much is bad, but the lack of it also, so best to visit new places is done with a borsalino, will protect you and go to fashion. Furthermore its versatility allows you to use it both for the beach or pool as for any ride at sunset, and get give a touch of chic to your look!

As if you paseases by Saint Tropez or any tourist place of the Cote d’Azur or as fresh out of any of the pitiusas Islands, the hat of straw and the combination of this with light clothing in colors Blue and white looked for sailor will provide you the roll. A good option is to resort to the kaftans with embroidered details or even fringed kimonos, will give you another touch to your look.

If on the other hand are not very fond of the borsalinos, tab the idea of Kayla Seah, the Canadian blogger who hides behind Not your standard. Striped t-shirt, White Blazer – also compatible with a white vest masculine cut – and a couple of jeans shorts. Easy, simple and stylish, can you request more?

With a more summery and casual style that the previous look, Always Judging Courtney Trop proposes a total white look boyish shirt and a pair of shorts, which contrasts perfectly with a straight-brimmed hat in dark turquoise.

Finally, the style star summer: dress + sandals (even better if these are a pair of ugly shoes or Birkenstock)
And if you also want to give a touch to the look and the weather permits you planted a neck scarf!

Photos | AfterDRK, Song of style, Not your standard, Always judging, Mija

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