Maritime Look of the Strip Shirt Pocket to the Beach in Navyblue and White

Finally out! Last week I made a first trip to the holiday home to Rugen. The water in the Lake has a tremendous power. Its vastness, the colors, scents and the sound of the waves – I’m it overwhelmed every time on the new, no matter what the weather. It arrived on the beach deep breath. In the lightest breeze of salty sea air I begin to relax, forget everyday life, work and – what is even? Hubs, can no longer remember.

Is it not amazing that there are real dream beaches with us nearby? With the fine white sand of the Baltic Sea, no other beach can absorb it, so my vacations are part of the most important dates of the year. Every year, again and again I enjoy this time and want to be anywhere else.

In addition to the beach pictures I’ll show my classic seaside style. He is the secret of my boundless relaxation on the Lake a bit. Many travel across, I have compiled an Osteegraderobe tuned in detail. Everything follows a consistently maritime look of outfit, accessories to luggage . It’s perfect. I can put in 1.5 hours for four people, two weeks and any weather conditions. Everything fits together always, stress-free preparations and everyone is happy (even men).

And of course a new piece happen. Do you have the beach bag discovered? It is new, very spacious, and sturdy canvas with soft leather handles fitted. So beautifully packaged, it takes ever one or with others on the beach. Especially books, sunglasses, or telephone can be stowed well here and are protected by the zipper from sand and Sun. So far, I had always an open basket or Leinenshopper, which is filling while open end leave little protection from prying eyes and sticky children hands. I have changed after this holiday in the Pro-zip group.

Powdered sugar-fine sand can have nothing to the white bag. On the Baltic Sea, I don’t always white pants even my bullies, so much vacation.

The bag of Enqueur is not only great for the beach, but cuts a fine figure as a Weekender. Her slight retro charm provides a timeless and at the same time refined look.