Meet The Jane Wayne Team 17 Questions To Julia Korbik

For over a year, julia korbik is now an integral part of the jane wayne team and because we so slowly but surely in danger ahead of gratitude and enthusiasm if all the strong lyrics, week to week from the nimble pen of the free journalist and author in our feminism resort flow to burst, it is most urgent time to reveal much more about @our site you.

Born and raised in the beautiful ruhr area they themselves right after graduating after france made, to begin at the institute of d’etudes politiques at lille with a german french double diploma in political science (focus of european studies). For this she shuttled back and forth each year between lille and the münster, chose as a minor in communication sciences and made a french master’s degree in journalism (as all which ultimately became a double degree – you don’t know). From lille, it moved to berlin then 2012 directly for an internship. Staying here never wanted julia, five years later she is still there. 2014, her book stand is finally up. Posted in feminism for beginners and advanced. Like she writes about pop and politics from a feminist perspective, and others in her column for daily der tagesspiegel causa. Their heart projects include six-language europe online magazine café babel – there she is responsible for the rubric of mind the gap, in which revolves about feminism and equality. And julia at once makes, she is blogging still to enjoy many things simone also to simone de beauvoir oh,. What julia dreams of what makes them angry, and that is the song of her youth, she tells us in the interview:

„ stand up – feminism for beginners and advanced “ by julia korbik

This picture best describes how you are:

What can be our readers * indoor in the future happy?

On feminist analyses, comments and interesting people who make the world a bit equal.

What Are You Dreaming?

Of all languages of this world to rule (currently it would me enough already, the damn annoying condizionale in italian without get verb table). And, at some point go back to go to france.

What are you talking about favorite wine or whiskey?

Whisky (always!) Preferably about everything possible: the dramatic hiddleswift separation, martin schulz, crazy ex-bosses and why the winter in berlin really much much is worse than elsewhere. When the week was particularly annoying gladly about my life as a part of the lying press or feminist do-gooder.

You have a role model?

Clearly simone de beauvoir: you accompanied me for over ten years and without them i would be very different today. Beauvoir was a tough woman with a strong personality that has made many mistakes. Still nobody inspired me as they – through them, i have discovered feminism and what it means to go his own way. Fact: if i’m unmotivated, i read beauvoir’s letters to jean-paul sartre. The description of their rigid, productive daily routine immediately drives me to the desk.

What your parents gave you with the?

Was always polite, you can’t talk to your sister, and treat others as you want to also be treated. Also: if the (supposedly) cool clique does not want you, then this is it. Look for other people and do your own thing.

What book is on your nightstand?

Oh, if it were just one. I read several books at the same time a la rory gilmore. Among others are currently: retour of a Reims didier eribon, simone of beauvoir’s letters to nelson algren, three nuts for cinderella (the book of the film, a gift of my sister), as well as a review copy by jacky fleming’s the problem with women.

Which properties said to you friends?

Stubborn, organized, feel happy, fast talking and equipped with much too vain knowledge. (properties that is not said to me: “julia can sing really good!” – where, is a property of singing at all?)

Why you’re a feminist?

Because I can imagine, to be a feminist. In stand up I write: “feminism is the ultimate weapon to see through all that crap.” (help, it is the moment, where i quote myself). Feminism makes us realize that we’re not the problem, but something wrong in our society. He opens our eyes to all the large and small injustices, he wakes us up. Feminism can become active, so we make changes into their own hands. Feminism can be us solidarity with others. A life without feminism would be colorless and less for me.

What do you say to people who think feminism would no longer need it?

We’ve come a long way, baby – but that it still is not enough. Rights that were fought for once, can be taken away again in us. The status quo may feel somehow pretty okay for many, but this just isn’t him. Also 2016 women are abused, because they dare, their job as football commentator. Also 2016 are harassed, boob women and raped. 2016 also loses a qualified, experienced politician against an inexperienced, unqualified wannabe politician. Even 2016, the image of women in advertising and in some media is about as modern as the already remote musikantenstadl. Not to mention dealing with all those who are not white, heterosexual and pretty einsortierbar in man / woman categories. There is lot to do so – and for that it needs feminism!

The song of your youth:

Garbage – only happy when it rains.

Before simone de beauvoir came into my life, shirley manson was there. I wanted to be like them – even today is one of my favorite bands and shirley garbage to my originals.

Your current favorite song:

Kylie minogue – some child of flash

Not really current song, but my current favourite piece. Kylie minogue is underestimated in general yes, in my opinion, and this song is from the time before her big comeback (spinning around, etc.). Nobody was interested in the poor kylie, so she just did their thing, singing a duet with nick cave and seemed quite happy in all of this. The result was: wonderful music, which is rather atypical for kylie, but not less good.

The best series?

Changes with me a week, i watch too many series. Mad men of anatomy but one of my all time favorites, just grey! In my heart i still forbidden love regret, a jewel of the german programme of eve. (there are more series tips!)

Where are you forgetting time?

Reading. I always at least one book to drag around with me and i have panic fear, somewhere to sit and have a book on hand.

What did you in recent weeks angry do?

Aleppo, of course. And then it was just women because this tv commentary, suggested in the male refugees wanted to simply make clear a blonde german girlfriend in germany, and if they don’t get that, rape and kill.

And what hopeful or happy?

This video:

And the fact that i have kept a ted talk in june 2016 and survived:

What we all need to write us behind-the-ears?

Passive does not. We can always do something, or at least give it a try. Even simone de beauvoir said: “the only reality that completely belongs to me, is my doing.” wham bam.

Thank you, julia!