Monday Reads Where Does The Hatred In Us, Which Is Why It’s So Hard To Find Friends & Anti-Rape – Nail Varnish

A small fine reading bar Monday, like may be supplemented in the comment box. So us not instructive and amusing, yet important escapes:

Why it is so hard to find friends for adults?

In childhood you had to just borrow his shovel and it had new friends. As an adult, it’s different – and friendships are not as easy. Are we maybe doing something wrong? The reply knows Edition F.

My Vintage Levi’s are body shaming me

“It’s perhaps ironic that I’m writing this from inside a pair of my most body-shaming vintage Levi’s while eating a cornflake chocolate chip marshmallow cookie from Milkbar, because these three acts – sitting, wearing, eating – are at poetic odds with each other. The crop-circle-like demarcations on my stomach are all the proof I need. These jeans are the equivalent of captain cheer on overzealous circling all my “problem areas” with a red marker.” Haley by man repeller speaks us me their love-hate relationship words about those favorite jeans from the soul drenched.

Where the hate comes – the rat in us

Much talked about why gazes down and hate are currently so popular on others. There is a simple explanation of psychological – and thus an instructions for dealing with all the contempt. A column by Christian Stocker.

The vogue in Arabic

Hatice k has the Arabic “vogue” seen and wondered this: the magazine deals with the issues, employ also Arab women? One can understand the page as a success for the Arab women’s emancipation?

Anti-rape Nail Polish – this can work?

There’s a Nail Polish, which is intended to show whether a beverage with knockout drops has been dealt to better protect women from attacks. But does it really? And how useful is that? This way.

Now don’t calm down

Is not so bad to see Donald Trump? May be that the next US President will Tamer occurs as in the election campaign. But the hatred of his followers, who put him in Office will remain. A column by Margaret Stokowski.

Another world is possible – but as a threat

“The Western world is in bright excitement. From everywhere, sprouting new right movements from the ground or gain momentum. By Trump afd, FPO, Le Pen up to Brexit they seem to give a voice to people who previously believed not to have come to Word. Since then is puzzled away from “Concerned citizens”, what could be the causes of this resentment. It is perhaps no coincidence that just the left here have found a ghostly Revenant of herself to believe. And so also the interpretive collection attempts are not far away. The losers are suspended, which here are finding their political voice, by the capitalist system. You prepare for the class struggle, but have not realized on the basis of “false consciousness” just yet, that their real enemy is the capitalist. The numbers give but not forth.” one of the most interesting texts of the past weeks has published the daily mirror. Thank you, Michael sailor.

Why I am feminist

Miriam Suter, who has written for us, explains in a short statement, which is why she was by the anti-feminist to the staunch feminist. “even as a teenager I was the anti-feminist par excellence. I judged as other women in the strongest terms, have dared to tight pants or wear a too plunging neckline. And I wanted to like the guys – not myself – at the same time at any price. In the winter, it was important that my jacket permits the look on my butt, as to prevent a kidney infection. The following years voted me slowly, but effectively to.” this way, please!

Where online advertising is going

Facebook and Google dominate the advertising market on the Internet – will change that? This attempts to answer Jonas Jansen.

The art of failure

“This year is crap, and it took me long to see that. I was at a funeral, me broke, have lost a job and get a new, I had a fight, I cried, I was unhappy in love, I was broke and Trump, Erdogan, Brexit, refugees, attacks and at all.” a very honest and beautiful text by Amélie via amazed like.

Islam is going to be local

Sociologist Nilüfer Gole talked throughout Europe with Muslims, which otherwise not have their say. The results of their remarkable study have been published now also in German. The interview’s going along!

The six tasks of Chancellor

Merkel wants to be reelected 2017. Refugees, fake news, Union, Coalition: Before the Chancellor can again be Chancellor, she must master but a number of Herculean tasks. Remember

With the disabled child

Her daughter died at the age of four. The network mourned. Blogger Jawad Emperor is committed to ensuring that disabled children must be more than diagnoses – and parents more than caregivers. A portrait of Jawad Emperor.

Depiction of violence against sexual violence?

The LAG has funded a cinema spot and commissioned, which is intended to show how commonplace and awful is sexualised violence. Because they want to make a difference. The question is whether this well meant is also well done. (…) This clip provides on the NET just quite excitement – not in the way, and that that was had in mind. Until recently, he was shown State far without trigger warning in the cinemas. Only after very many critical comments, which were partially rashly dismissed off and deleted, that is been improved. More at Pinkstinks.

A Berliner is annoyed by racist questions

“LARTEY, 36 years old, artist, African-Americans and for years in Germany at home, the constant questions is sorry. He has separated from his dreadlocks are already according to the newspaper report. Because almost every time, when he left the House, he had been asking for drugs. Now he has gone on the offensive and ask his counterpart even: “how do I get drugs?” in big black letters, he has it on a T-Shirt printed.” Bento has the whole story for you.

The afd moves further to the right – and their followers also

Such as the party, including the sympathizers: according to a study, followers of the right-wing populist afd are right and radical. The two-year comparison disillusioned. By Britta Kara. Elsewhere, people talk about because of the US election on Rechtspopulimus. Jakob Augstein is: “this is a belittling. We see the return of fascism. Democracy has overslept the danger. Now it’s too late: in the USA is a fascist power come.”

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