New-Look Katie Holmes or Join All The Trends of The Moment

I loved to see the way in which the actress has joined all and each one of the trends of the moment in an only joint. Katie Holmes yesterday debuted on Broadway with All my sons and the next morning seems to have gone by the closet choosing everything that we reviewed here at Jezebel. Is it perhaps that Katie reads us?

Whatever it is the Cruise Lady had a great success in their combination. Maybe sometimes not can attach everything is a trend because it would seem one or crazy or circus clown. But in this case a shirt of pictures (stolen perhaps her husband), her boyfriend jeans (also may be Tom), fulard grey neck and why not your Chloe Paraty bag. Even shoes with rounded tip very vintage.

What I already don’t like both of her look is hair. It’s like a version between Middle-posh and middle grunge guy hair. Cut to the bob favored him more, but in that his super friend was ahead of time first pro victory and she is so short first Bob boy. I also realize realized that the secret of all the outfit is in the combination of colors: a small touch of grey, black and white. If you have dog cocker spaniel from the bottom of the photo would be game.