Office Classics: Blazers, Loose Fit Shorts with Floral Print and Tom Ford Sunglasses

How to look the outfit for the day, decides in most women spontaneously at the opening of the wardrobe in the morning. The thermometer the rough direction are the tummy decides what woman feels comfortable. Yesterday we launched with fluffy snow flakes in the morning, at noon, blue sky and Sun were on the program. Classic April weather in the middle of February. It is time to send the winter things during the break and celebrate the Sun’s rays. Set internally quite spring, managed hence the first floral print in my daytime look.

Office classics are like Blazer and trousers, flowing fabric, cut and ankle, a convenient choice. To be still elegant, I have combined the pants tone on tone to the Blazer, a fresh blouse and high heels. The striking Printhose could also coarse knitted oversized sweater and sneakers in the blink of an eye casual to the XXL look to styling with himself.

The casual Blazer and the ones you’s like believe little all-rounder are High waist pants. Suitable for the city, an eye-catcher on vacation or simply gestyled in the Office to wear. A few years ago I wouldn’t have believed it himself, now the comfortable pants are in addition to jeans to my favorite parts in the warm season. Through them I have dared to patterns and colors I never would tolerate on a blouse. Top I demand peace otherwise I’m distracted.

Here well chosen accessories, such as a fine pair of sunglasses are eye-catchers. This is my newest conquest Tom Ford model and the only logical commentary which I can think about is: more Sun please!