On the Wish List: Coat, Scarf and Sheepskin Boots in Camel

Small flakes dance through the air. Winter Messenger who finally put us in the proper Christmas spirit. Amazing, for weeks advertising and shops we strive to elicit the feeling of anticipation, two degrees above zero and a few ice crystals make it in minutes.

Probably the winter wardrobe most of you is well equipped. For a few things on the wish list but is still safe. The inspiration here some pieces where you long joy will have.
A dream part this coat, the perfect blend is chic and warm perfect for the not so cold city winter days. If someone just looking for an elegant, simple model for all occasions. Camel just fits to any color and any style – to jeans as well, as well as to the small black. A sound which can be wonderfully Classic carry or very casual with sneakers and wool blends.

As last week these snaps, it was almost spring. No reason however scarf to deny you this. He is for a time in a magical box on it waiting for permanently joining the winter usage. His name: “Munich 18.FEB 1943” who wants to know what’s behind it, is online with a few clicks of the smart. The small fine label Hans & Sophie is committed without compromise fairness and quality. Accessories with statement, which are manufactured exclusively in Germany and are made of finest lambs wool or cashmere, are on the program.

Are you looking for a Christmas gift for yourself or someone love – then the scarf perfect is perhaps?

And because I am just in Classics: on my Sheepskin boots I look forward every winter. This time I decided for a more elegant execution. The slim cut Cory boat gives the foot a firm grip so that it is also on slippery pavement nimbly on the road.