Point of Zara Pants Promise to Be a Hit in The Blogosphere

A few days ago I talked about the reasonable resemblance of the new looks in the collection of Zara fall-winter 2014 and the knitwear of Marc Jacobs, a trend that We also saw in the parade of Stella McCartney and that thanks to this push of the Empire Inditex, promises to become a hit this season.

Many are the bloggers who have already succumbed to the temptation and purchased the total look from Zara point. A set that as we have said, has been in different fashion shows of collections autumn/winter 2014 and that all combine with Birkenstocks or white sneakers.

Trouser campaign in grey color with which are photographed all costs 29.95 euro and top can opt for different options with neck at peak or round.

Photo | MyDubio, Lookdepernille, Styledevil

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