Progress of The Designs of Kate Moss for Topshop

I know that already announced them is, and as I think it’s OK to repeat, because the fans of the designs of the top model for the English chain which were sold like hotcakes they will be looking forward to be able to get their hands on this second collection of KM.

As already told you Heidi, this will be available the September 7, Obviously in London and we will have to wait a bit to get it to other countries as it did with the last collection, but don’t miss the calm.

In the meantime here are some progress in the long-awaited collection, which for my taste is much nicer than the previous one. Above all by the leather jacket of which I have fallen in love with crazy and madly in love. The neck is the most trendy and closure seems to me a very original detail.

Obvious that the Moss already delights walking with their own designs, just as did Paris Hilton, being the envy of the other how good creator of trends that is. Above all check out the data that not only we find skinny jeans, but that this time Kate has opted for one of cut more seventies style acampanado.