Rachel Bilson Is Poorly Dressed for The First Time, Contracronica

Yes, the news is as it reads in the headline. Rachel Bilson one of the untouchables of Jezebel, all where we have a lot of respect and admiration, especially to know so well combined in the days of street outfits so normal that you know to get the most, it has wrong dress for a day, Although today my colleague has returned Laia to support. For this reason, this”contracrĂłnica”, to see opinions disparate.

Well, every day in the past which we have followed it, and already have months, not remember it so poorly dressed . Always with your casual style and mixing trends, now suddenly appears with a long dress, very wide and own one older audience. None of his more tailored clothes, although Joie.

It is a simple dress mauve with additives of flowers in the design that surround him. To make matters worse, added colors such as yellow, green and blue, all of them in its primary and most simple, line not to marry bland mauve overlooking the dress.

Feel me bad but for once Rachel Bilson looks like another. It looks very careless, with a bag that may have its appeal in another look but that with the current combination, it clashes a bit, because makes it even more greater and does not look anything. Not even its usual Wayfarer, today in Black, they have it the touch of other times.

The Gladiator sandals with very thin strips could slightly raise the look, but not with those. We all have a stumbling block, but this woman was untouchable. Hopefully morning and save forever dress.