Sarah Jessica Parker and Her Coco’s Croco Bag by Chanel

In the parade Autumn-Winter 2007/08, Chanel He presented a curious bag: the Coco’s Croco, that I already offer in Jezebel. Basically, this bag mimics the crocodile-based hand very careful embroidery.

The result is an aspect of genuine fur, without damage to any animal. Although perhaps if damaged the sensitivity of human beings because, let’s be honest, the bag is ugly. Especially in this turquoise which is, precisely, which chose Sarah Jessica Parker to attend the summer dinner from Ferragamo in New York.

Just like her character’s sex in New York, Sarah Jessica Parker has a peculiar sense of fashion that often (as it is the case), play you tricks. She and bounce, his son, which makes walking around the city with a Crocs sandals (see below).