Shades of Blue Autumn Winter Outfit with BASEFIELD

Today there’s a new OOTD for you once again. And I was allowed to me put together an outfit for the fall and winter at BASEFIELD , I want to introduce you here today. Maybe some of you don’t know BASEFIELD.

BASEFIELD is a brand that represents sporty, trendy fashion, based on the American East Coast lifestyle. The prices at BASEFIELD actually fit into any budget and the saleevents are then really unbeatable cheap prices.

Still you make sure to enable these prices in reasonable manner at BASEFIELD. So the KATAG AG, so the mother company that stands behind BASEFIELD, joined initiative (BSCI) the business social compliance, which shall ensure that the standards in Working conditions, health care, payment, working hours etc. are met also with global suppliers and exploitation and child labour have no chance.

But we get to my outfit, I have compiled my for the autumn and winter. Here I wanted to show some color be sure and covered classical remain, as it is common in the winter fashion, but not that “black with black’ use.

As pants I picked out a discreet, because simply too often wearing jeans. 98% cotton and 2% spandex pants sits on the one hand fluffy and but too flexible as a classic pair of jeans is comfortable on the skin. In addition the Web structure of the material I like very much, because the small woven Plaid pants make not so boring like a smooth Cotton Chino.

The sneakers are the new adidas Supernova that color just great fit into the outfit and this yet ultra comfortable. Of course you can walk really well with which, as I have already explained here in the running shoe test.

I have put up on the layered look, because in the morning up to 15 degrees at noon all can be the temperatures to the time yet so strongly vary and by 5 degrees. With the layered look, you can drop a few pieces or open and so always adjust depending on the time of day.

The Foundation sets a comfortable T-Shirt in the ombre look that due to the gradient something loosens up the blue tones of the rest of the outfit. Also you can help perfect the shirt in the summer the beach look with shorts.

About the shirt, I have combined a nice, dark blue cotton shirt that the exciting Web structure of the Chino picks up again. Through the lean cut you can wear it perfectly open because not so super much material in the jacket in conflict.

However, the highlight is the dark blue reversible jacket in bomber jackets always still mega-trendy style. Also this jacket again takes up the detailed surface structure, which we know already from the Chino and the shirt. But, the best thing is the possibility to use the jacket and wear depending on the outfit with the lighter, fresher version of color or with the dark blue, slightly gedeckteren version, as I show in the photos. The sunglasses in the photos is the Oakley latch, which I find just perfect by the way again.

As I said just sale at BASEFIELD is and so the complete outfit with Chino, shirt, shirt and jacket has cost less than €150 what is just awesome for a complete look of autumn. So who wants to treat themselves or others with stylish fashion for Christmas, should drop at BASEFIELD and also check out the advent calendar with great prizes and surprises waiting.

BASEFIELD also on Facebook and Instagram shows great outfit inspiration not only for Christmas.