Shoes More Desired: Sandals Yves Saint Laurent Tribute

Already Nuria ahead it us in the month of March: the most sought after by celebrities Sandals would be them Tribute signed platform by Yves Saint Laurent. This summer we have seen and practically finished once, when this comes to an end, continue to see them.

And is that these shoes, despite their exorbitant though justified price, color version and edged in gold leather they come very close to the 1000 euros, they are not an exclusive fashion show footwear, but belong to the collection of add-ins and it is absolutely timeless. Thus they have understood it Lauren Conrad, that we have seen repeatedly with a model in black and one in mauve, Adriana Lima, Kelly Ripa (in Cherry colour) or more recently, Lindsay Lohan, He wore them in the Mtv Video Music Awards.

For all that, like me, you can or want to spend you such fortune, Zara will always us.


Saint Laurent Heels & Shoes on Poshmark

Saint Laurent Heels & Shoes on Poshmark