Short Films Miu Miu’s “Women Tales” & Feat. “The Skate Kitchen”

Only about one comes from ten films that make it to the big screen, from the pen of a female Director, could be called almost think, the industry is subject to a significant surplus of men. Is of course not the case. It is just for women even in 2016 still not an easy feat in Hollywood to be heard and seen, or at least not reduced to outward appearances. Maybe you remember even the discussion that recently by Olivia Wild took saying that sexism was in Hollywood anyway a “institutional” endeavor.

Miuccia Prada, the intellectual designer and women’s rights activist, called due to abuses like this anyway, already in the year 2011 the Miu Miu “women’s Valley” in life. Behind the great project of now 67-Jährigen the idea to put female directors in focus stands until today. Always new movies great filmmakers include in each collection the latest Miu Miu so for five years in their awards and accolades. The latest work “That One Day” comes from Crystal Moselle (here in an interview with VOGUE), 2015 with “the Wolf Pack” a terrific debut had put down. This time, she accompanied the 17 year-old Rochelle, Member of the all-girls Skat crew “the Skate kitchen” through a day full of exclusion on the one and their components on the other side.

No later than in the final sequence bikini kills “rebel girl” is played, I feel my feminist sister heart on, just as Jessica Aimufua prophesied. I would like to hit me even retroactively for it, screwed during my own youth and let win the mocking guys at the Skate Park. How many wonderful moments could be we have run over the years of fear and shame through the cloth, think about it I may not continue. I just know that we should do it differently in the future. And above all: together, when it goes:

All women’s tales here you see.

Crystal Moselle and Aska MATSUMIYA, sound Director and responsible for the sound in That one Day, in an interview with Penny Martin, editor in Chief of the Gentlewoman: