“Sorry, Have Unfortunately A Sheath” – As Giulia Becker Fought Sexism With Satire

Jan Bohmer man may have thought police, but his collaborator Giulia Becker has something much phanomenaleres: a dyed in the wool sheath. She will bring not only joy and friends, but especially problems. We know that at the latest, since Augkuntryboi07 the Sceptre of music performance in the neo Royale voluntarily gave magazine about a week ago from the hand, to leave the stage for the first time a female member of his team of authors. It’s up to my vagina / there is no matter how much I suffer / fault is my vagina – with their song “Damn damn * e” has the comic which gives you on Twitter as “Sister Ewald” furore and intelligent entertainment, casualness congratulate feminism with a long-deserved portion and on top of that, quite nonchalantly launched a new movement against discrimination in the life:

“If ye with me, then your vagina vibrates now”, she sings us video forward, with the support of Ina Muller, Hazel Brugger, Nora Tschirner, Olivia Jones and all marching in the back. Hundreds of women put together probably thumb and index finger, to show to the world: we have a vagina. It may be coincidence that the chosen icon inevitably recalls the Merkel Rhombus. It’s delightfully pathetic exactly to the right extent, always. Because what at first seems as typical exaggeration in the venerable style of crystal clear satire, is at the core of many of us everyday. Still.

What is so wrong with me? A sheath. What am I doing wrong? A sheath. Why do I get paid so poorly? A sheath. What was a joke never made? A sheath. Where did the old, white men in the television fear? A sheath. Who wrote the third part of the Bridget Jones? A sheath. Who shot John F. Kennedy? A sheath. Who has turned on the clock? A sheath. What rhymes on a pasture? A sheath. Who weggerraucht the grass? A sheath. Is our Earth? A sheath.

“Schei * e condemned” some current debates on equal rights, sexism, body shaming, women’s rights and the irreverent handling of extremely degrading in origin words like “Vagina” – indeed – central theme in just four minutes and 53 seconds. Without facts and figures, but with much wit. Luckily. Perhaps Becker’s überspitzter musical contribution together with the strong voice is able Giulia Yes precisely to rid the fourth wave of feminism still a little bit more of the accumulated sadness and ongoing prejudice. Hence the last holdouts of the reality finally understands that the Patriarchate is not only in history books, but really and truly still today in our society, that feminism, or how whatever you personally also like to call the demand for equality, is existential and not null and void, and that there’s not much to laugh in spite of healthy gallows humour in fact. Therefore: #teamscheide. And thank you, Giulia.