Starting from Now Tu Also Querras Ones Shoes with Platform (Aka Flatforms)

At this point in the film, there is no doubt that the stylish and sporty or sporty chic is trend, combine a formal with a pair of Converse monkey is not a far-fetched idea and spiked shoes are not just a mere remembrance of the Spice girls (who ask what is the millionaire that has checked Isabel Marant for its Willow). But not all have been observed is there a new and incipient pest stalking us: the flatforms.

The flatforms are nothing more than a rescued trend of the 90’s, When athletic shoes is “authorizing” – Note the irony – with some soles twice as thick as what until now was considered as normal, but with this avalanche of technicalities and foreign palabros now called them with this new Word.

They are a tad unwieldy and they have a lot of ugly shoes, However with high shoes Suns have become your hollow in the closets of the fashionists and early adopters and now they are going strong on street level. Also it appears to that next season will continue to do so, since low-cost of the Empire Inditex and company chains are plagued of shoes with thick soles.

Photos | Clochet, The blonde salad, Lucitisima, Fashionvibe

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