Stylish Vest Tailor Not Tea Will Want to Remove The Less Cold Days of Winter

Are you going to spend all winter with extra warm coats? Clearly not, each season the temperatures will soften and the winters are so cold nor so hot summers. That’s why we have that look for Demi-season clothing These days we do not know who put us. The tailor vest It seems to become one of these indisputable clothes this season.

Aimee Song you know it and why has its chaleco-ABRIGO Keyhole with male inspiration and that tone so characteristic of the shelters of cloth camel, so Classic. Make this coat vest seems a success, because thus the layers that we come to light and we can play a lot more with the outfits, was completed around the world we see with the same coat for a week.

The layers will be others of your allies in winter, the days that make cooler can put you under a jersey knit fat and not as one thread or a finite sweatshirt. It is this versatility and the stylish remaining open that already there are many sites where you can buy it, although on this occasion the American blogger has opted by handle and not by any astronomical prices firm for which you have no excuse!!

Photos | Song of Style

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