Taylor Momsem, The Gossip Girl Benjamina, or How to Make an Evening Dress with a Top

The dress shirt, has a pass, because an oversize shirt may not perfectly look like what is or result from the most obvious but very breaded, and but they say to herself or Gwyneth Paltrow, but is rather more complicated make a suitable and appropriate dress a beading or paillettes top. Taylor Momsen, the smallest of the already by Yes young cast of Gossip Girl, have you tried it and can say that the result is not exactly discreet but perfectly suitable.

And I don’t know if recommending that repitais operation at home, because the fine line between experiment and irreparable catastrophe, I find it rather fine in this case; Taylor can afford to probe the ground and appearing in this manner in a party that knows is going to be the center of attention; in fact, it has its merit, the top of sequins that makes the times dress cocktail hour is of Philosophy by Alberta Ferretti and belongs to the collection of summer 2008, the look arising in gateway, is certainly the antithesis of style that the young actress was invented;

in the parade saw a model with hints of preppy t-shirt but Taylor seems a Mini me of Samantha Jones on a night of war; I would almost say that it has gone you the hand with the uninhibited sexy, and it is not to rub the rudeness, but it is a rather extreme look. That Yes, it is very pretty, but I insist, in real life, it is advisable to carry some span of fabric between the hips and the ankles.