The Betty Saint Laurent Bag Is The New Epidemic among The Egobloggers

With an astronomical price that exceeds 1500 dollars in its Mini version, the Betty Saint Laurent bags has become in the moment it bag among the egobloggers around the globe. Its size and minimalist detail of two bent flaps have earned these avid eaters of trends, and I wonder, it will star in a boom comparable to the boots from Balenciaga biker?

In Burgundy and with the chain in silver-tone, that has been the choice of Irina Lakicevic.
The blogger of A portable package wore the coveted Betty Bag with a simple and minimalist outfit that both the bag and the side stripe pants provided a touch of color.

I have that Could? It is a blog worth visiting, now Samantha is pregnant and looks about perfect looks for premamas, but before that he already showed his Betty Bag, This time in black and its small (and economic) version, the Toy, it reaches the 1250 dollars at Barneys.

Adenorah is one of the most influential bloggers in the last years, this French only 24 years has gotten to the world in your pocket with their looks of formal-informal style. In this, the blogger has chosen the pairing black and white as a centerpiece of his outfit, a sporty style similar to the Irina Lakicevic.

A simple look of jeans and black coat is chosen by the Courtney Trop egoblogger to show off your Betty Bag, Once again, black.

Not only white shirts with wide loops in black have conquered blogs, began the reign of Slimane made only three years and your Shockwave seems to have no end. Betty Bag is his ultimate triumph, but it won’t be the last.

Photos | A portable package, Could I have that, Adenorah, Always judging

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