The Different Eva Longoria Dresses at Awards Soul 2008

Up to ten different designs wore Eva Longoria during the presentation of the Alma Awards. Ten outfits with their respective changes of look, because although the actress has cut hair, wore her short hair in different ways. Longoria was the host for the third consecutive time for the Alma Awards, which honors the best Latino productions of TV, music and cinema of the United States.

But parts will. Longoria became the gala with her husband Tony Parker and posed on the red carpet with a turquoise blue satin cocktail dress, cinched at the waist. Later, during the presentation and prize and award, began a real runway show precious. To show off your Tan playero chose two dressed in white and two pink bat, the four gauze, very bright and with great fall.

The rest of designs were more daring and sexy, wearing a range of colors of the most varied colors. A design sweetheart, very tight, in electric blue and another in Red with an original bond by way of tie rod, both of satin. Could not miss a Black creation, the color of elegance and of the night, a very tight dress but with a broad abullanado of feathers at the end of the skirt.

But in my opinion the most elegant has been the spectacular dress pink with shoulders to air. A very tight and long tail, courtly style sexy design. And I also really like Fuchsia creation with fold at the waist and neckline in peak. And to you?

And in terms of hairstyles, Longoria at the same time it was changing of dress was doing the same with your hair. It took him smooth inside and out, tipped collected, curly and even a hairpiece longer hair. We will, in all possible ways.