The Famous Spaniards in The Front Row of Pasarela Cibeles

Last week we saw countless famous in the front row of the main parades of the New York fashion week, as a lovely Diane Kruger. Beautiful people that is not lost even one, and even London It has its first glamorous row, but in PASARELA Cibeles do not think that we are less, also have our socialite reveling in the creations of top patriotic designers.

Some are famous in their own right and others, good, are famous, we don’t know why exactly, but they are famous. Almost all they go with their finery, but of course, it doesn’t make much sense that you an evening gown to attend a parade at noon of 12, Even so, there are famous that the event time don’t seem to mind to choose an outfit or other.

Among the people who we have seen there are singers, such as Bebe, who attended the parade with his unmistakable hippie style of Duyos, or presenters and actresses such as Jose Toledo, Nuria González, Marta Robles, Mabel Lozano, Veronica Mengod and Marian road, Adriana Abascal, and Nieves Alvarez, who attended the crowded parade of Angel Schlesser.

Nor have lacked political, as Ana Botella, who attended the parade of Duyos very elegant but not joining year up, with a light pantsuit in laden tones, along with a top in pink, with a detail in the form of a brooch and a pair of shoes peep – toe on alligator. A 10 for style.

Davidelfin It is one of the designers most famous usually count in their first line, since it has very good contacts between actors. On this occasion it was accompanied of Pedro Almodóvar, Alaska, Mario Vaquerizo, Paola Dominguín, Miguel Bosé, Rossy de Palma and Bibiana Anderson, almost all dressed in black.

Another lover of fashion is Marta Sanchez, who attended the parade of Miguel Palacio some of the garments more fashion: booties peep toe with pedicure in black, leggings in grey, XXL jersey and a nice bag of colors.

Photos | Terra, Vogue