The Newly Cut Hair of Katie Holmes, and Their Mary Janes Wizard of Oz

Since no change or wanting to jeans, and it seems that he has caught him great affection to that of the boyfriend jeans, which, to make matters worse, her lapel with another fashion, the lead Texans coat, large or not, Katie Holmes has refined the styling and theirs is not the bob cut; now his haircut is closer to the style Mia Farrow in the seed of the devil, the same Michelle Williams becoming alive, to adopt a couple of years ago portrait;

very depressed by the side of the neck, and long at the front; It is too early to assess whether it is better or worse, photos not enlightened so we too, which I’m sure is that will happen hot menso, and bad not can stay you, Katie He has the face and the pefect factions to carry short hair;

Another thing that is changed frequently, they are the zapAtos, and now that not is the picture next to your spouse, that short man who is called Tom Cruise and is Scientologist, now you can go flat; Mary Janes today, I love, like the Taylor Momsen, was yesterday but Red sequin, how the of Dorothy in the wizard of Oz.

I encatan, are like a regression to the children, although my sequins would last me intact more or less a day.