The Obsession of Anna Wintour: The White Coat

No, it was not only blinded and insists with the skirts flight Prada or the dresses of Oscar of la Renta resort, in this last week of the fashion of New York, it has become apparent that the must of the season of excellence, Lady Anna Wintour, It is this white trench coat in woven Brocade.

Not removed it in the seven long days that New York Fashion Week lasts. And is that and know that the Chief Editor of Vogue Usa, She is a woman of fixed ideas. So when choosing your favorite designers, those who a thousand times star in his editorials, and those who will become famous when it touches them with her magic wand; so when it comes to replace models with celebrities on the covers of your magazine, and is to maintain this hairstyle which goes under the hat and that twenty years not removed.

And I say that although New York climate is rapidly changing, it would do cold in the tent at Bryant Park, because but not explain.

Has it been in front-rows, single, and accompanied by his daughter, Bee Schaffer, clothing produced at the Gala of the designers of the Metropolitan held last may, and that his vastaga; that indeed resembles a lot the daughter of his French alterego, Carine Roitfield; He was much more consistent with the weather. And she was very pretty, everything said by the way, I love the mini lace dress that led to the Fashion Rocks Stage, although perhaps they remain me your peep toes in color mustard, and too excessive.

Fortunately, and almost as it had come to my reflection, Anna also has given us outfits, first, typical of the era, and second, somewhat less Baroque and a little less trite.

Without Park white, although by pulling already closer to the raw, also we have seen it, Yes, with Prada skirts, but this time combined with twin sets (again, his daughter comes hot on his heels with force and this time his shoes of) Louboutin in gray, yes I like),

or to the more Carolina Herrera style, with the typical male shirt.

Although not discarded dresses, without spreading their huge black sunglasses, lest foci, leave it without your sixth sense: his view of Lynx. Vogue store the Queen.