Urban Skating Look with K2 Uptown Inline Skates

As you probably know, I am the ruckus brother Yes in terms of sports rather and write on the Sports insiders about my sporting life, marathons and triathlons also recently. But the sport not only goes higher, faster, further and permanent self optimizing, but you must let loose sometimes and just have fun on the movement, the nature and the flow.

Just because I have trained pretty hard in the spring for the Vienna Marathon, it was a great coincidence that I came across a collection of K2 on the new skate and could try them out a bit for me. Since in addition to classic performance models of K2 Uptown appealed to especially me, because these inline skates in the Sneakerlook not always so seriously take life as for the city and my philosophy are created – and just roll!

I have chosen therefore also an outfit for my Skate trip that not hardcore-performance in terms of looks, but with the large Palm-print “let it roll” setting underscores my. Of course you can go also neatly quickly with the K2 Uptown, but other details in the foreground were for me. As already mentioned the design as in a leather sneaker is worked and the skates in the Trageefühl are therefore comfortable. The combination of laces, Velcro and buckle is perfect but still hold in the shoe.

The K2 Uptown but not only urban looks, but is due to the short 243mm rail with four 80mm wheels also super agile, which when cruising through the city clearly helps because you actually ever to have curves anything or anyone. I picked out a nice wide Avenue with a wide bike trail me for my first tour but, so I can slide and slalom alone.

At night, the K2 Uptown skates also cut a fine figure, because the roles and boots are fluorescent. Maybe a cool idea together with the Nike Flash Pack or the Bench Reflector Jacket. There’s all the info to the Uptown directly at K2.

The design of the K2 Varsity helmet I find by the way also really cool and because the helmet for BB´s cycling is certified, you do everything correctly at a price of €39,95. For girls, BB´s gives the helmet then nastürlich also in other colours.

I had great fun with the new K2 skates from the lifestyle collection and who really looked at Instagram, has me on even the Tempelhofer field rounding turn caught. If so ye skates for the city looking for a stylish pair, with which, you can for example substitute bike through the city cruising, the K2 Uptown definitely are my hot tip.

P.S. of course I drove outside of photo shoots with savers for knees, wrists and elbows. Safety first!

Here I again all parts of outfits for you to the according style in the overview:
Skates: K2 Uptown | here
Shirt, shorts and Backpack: Element | similar here
Glasses: Oakley latch | here
Helm: K2 Varsity | here