Weekend Reads Thoughts To Aleppo To Abandon Poland Anti-Abortion Laws & Why It Is Sometimes Better.

A small fine reading bar for the weekend, who may like to be supplemented in the comment box. So us not instructive and amusing, yet important escapes:

Star is a major character and is silent today

“We journalists can be not speechless.

We should describe. Reports. Analyze. But the more we take seriously our duty, all the more makes speechless the suffering of people in Aleppo and throughout Syria us.

Instead of answers, we have more and more questions.

How can we tell about the everyday suffering?

What does our coverage?

We reported sufficiently about the subject?

On the last question we need to answer honestly No. No, we have reported not enough.”

Here you read the full statement on the one-day rest. I believe that brave and so important. Aleppo is just completely destroyed.


Gilmore Girls are back!

… and on November 25, we go at last with the new season start:

Cycling in the city is crap

“I want to drive alone to work, but I’m just 200 metres far. Then, a group of pensioners blocked the red-marked path. I already know that, finally, I’m here every day along. That’s why I start before I reach the group, already 20 meters with the ringing. Five pairs of eyes stare at me like sheep their butcher. No reaction.” True words about the drama of cycling in cities by Eva Horn. I feel you.

Women and men should earn now per set as much

Equal pay for equal work: women should earn in the future as much as men. After a long struggle, the Grand Coalition on key points for a new law on the equal pay of men and women agreed. Sneezing and Verena Töpper Claudia have answers to the main questions on the topic. Criticism is also noisy.

Table tennis – by missing

“You think that we are for each other ever again right?” – “What do you mean?” a small, but nice text – “well you think getting back together again sometime?” – from the neon community.

Angela Merkel would have deserved the Nobel Peace Prize

The Italian newspaper La Stampa described it as the “conscience of Europe” (Angela Merkel). Time magazine named it the “personality of the year”. And when a few weeks later was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, the German Chancellor was the favorite. She didn’t get him. Why she still deserved it, wrote Sebastian Gierke for the Süddeutsche. By the way, today awarded Nobel Peace Prize went to the Colombian President Santos. A sign should be used that the Colombian peace process must go on.

Millennials: «we want more»

A narcissitic hipster girl that thinks it improve the world with a biological Chia Müesli. A slacker who works, just to on your next break to wait. A spoilt thing, whose Herz depends above all on their Apple device. I’m 26 year 1990. A Vollblutmillennial. And Millennials have bad reputation. What is by me, of my generation, who soon will be in charge in economy and politics, so to expect? It continues here.

Feminist fight Club – a book about how to survive sexism

Jessica Bennett is 35 years old, author and columnist for the New York Times, and writes mainly about women and Feminismus.Gerade she has published her first book: “feminist fight Club”. Subtitle: “An Office survival manual (for a sexist workplace)”. Adam Kushner called Jessica’s book “practical”. And so it is also intended: as a reference book for women who want to defend themselves against sexism in the workplace. The “feminist fight Club” gives it also in the real Leben.Jessica Bennet met and meets regularly with girlfriends to discuss the problems that they have in the job, and to help each other. The book summarizes its findings and encourages the readers to take part. Also to join together and fight sexism. Nadja Schlüter has all the info of Jetzt.de for you.

Why I love being single

“I’ve been a lone ranger for a solid while now, with passionate, romantic flings here and there, but nothing really lasting more than a few months. I’ve had a semi-solitary confinement deal going on downstairs, as I’m just not that rapt with meaningless sex. This has led to long droughts where I’ve been close to Googling “can a vagina close over?” “Even my best friend does on impression of my lady parts where she tightens her mouth and gasps various things about a dry Sahara desert in a raspy voice.” Further go global Hobo.

Vulvas zero new man magazines – found

“Brigitte ‘s” there like sand on the sea, but far and not “Jürgen” finding was wide. For decades women at every supermarket checkout magazines must be insult, which tell them problem areas. Now, finally even men about himself can read – and fortunately not only nonsense. A hymn of praise to the new “Lemmon man”, thoughts about the longing for clear gender roles and the wonderful development towards the people who sees himself as a man and not as a person with gender. By Margaret Stokowski.

What or where is this “home”?

“In English, it’s simple: home, this may be just as well your present place of residence, as also your home.” In German, we can separate, but that makes it no easier. On the one hand have an almost already succinctly then throwing “at home”. “At home”, this is usually the place, whose Adresse stands in our ID card. Occasionally we go also “home” and mean our home – only to some time later with “home” to mean the opposite direction again. And sometimes the ‘home’ is even only there, where we will spend the next night. It is not always immediately clear what the speech is up to date. “But it can approximately imagine.” Read more at the No. Robos magazine.

Pretty transparent

At the Paris fashion shows, the clothes this time not so much fell. But what you could see through: a lot of bare breasts. Behind the abandonment of the BRA more than a cheap trick of the designer? -A comment from Silke Wichert, the quite fight can be.

Polish Parliament rejects ban on abortion

The controversial abortion law has failed. The ruling party law and Justice has withdrawn the support the project after strong protests. Yet the most stringent abortion rules in Europe in Poland will continue to apply: in Poland, the most stringent abortion rules in Europe are already now. Women may only terminate the pregnancy if they were raped, the life of the mother at risk or the child has a severe disability. More about the decision, Zeit.de, but also the Missy white magazine. Spiegel Online, however, previously reported on the protests.

When women send too many signals

“Women, it turns out, are not symbols of anything, other than themselves.” She’s right, and yet it’s clear that women still attract a certain child of heated veneration that can’t yet be entirely separated from hate. The process of anointing on idol is dangerous to our Idol, and perhaps to our own psyches, even when conducted on the best of terms. And so there may be danger, too, in making overly symbolic the mess that often attends their successes: a robbery of unwanted investigation, a meltdown, a premature death. These incidents are most meaningful within their specific, individual contexts. On the essential burden of womanhood remains that of being required, by everyone, to signify too much.” Very worth reading thoughts from Jia Tolentino.

Why it is sometimes better to let

From small to is us people poured into, that we should never give up and pursue our dreams always. But imagine times, what does it mean, we would actually do that. Did you need to be a Princess when you were little? Luckily, you’ve given up that at the age of 13. Wanted to go’s next top model to Germany, when you were a teenager? 99 percent, you’re now happy that you were not following your dream or not had the opportunity to pursue him. Thank you, Mommy. Thank you, Daddy. Next we go at i-D.

I’m not aggressive

He is passive aggressive, Michael Allmaier recently often hears. And keep in mind: that was Gandhi. A manifesto: “of course, I say then, absolutely right. Why I’m not even on it? In the beginning it was meant ironically. But now I know that I really have a problem – you. You are many, very many, and you think me the monster.”

Böhmer Mann’s personal opinion

On Tuesday, the Prosecutor finally hired their investigations against Bacon man for insulting foreign State bodies. Augkuntryboi07 is: “If a joke raises a national crisis, that is not the problem of the joke, but of the State.” He is right.

Online campaign – such as an addiction problem on Instagram


The French addiction help organization “addict aide” now has launched a campaign, which attracted much attention in the network. Here the Instagram account was launched by Louise Delage. A pretty 25 year old woman who thrilled their followers with images of their everyday lives. But what no one noticed: she was shown on almost every image with alcohol. More in Edition F.