Weekend Reads With The Pill For Men, _Innen & The Rules Of Our Parents

A small fine reading bar for the weekend, who may like to be supplemented in the comment box. So us not instructive and amusing, yet important escapes:

What, if we find the rules of our parents suddenly good?

“Always, if my roommate burn the light in the kitchen, even though he is just in the bathroom and the shower, I resent. I then stand up and turn out the lights – and in the dark of the kitchen it feels suddenly, as my parents next to me would stand and praise nod to me.” a column by Melanie Warburton.

Nothing against children but …

Given to the column by Sybille Berg is pointed and provocative, but still challenging our Denkapparat and provides material for heated discussions. In many respects, I would disagree, because certainly does solve the overpopulation by less hungry children in Germany, but the text contains nevertheless exceedingly strong points: “this is useful? What have many of the one-child policy of China’s upset. Inhuman, dictatorial, maybe. It’s sure something wonderful to have several children in a prosperous situation. As husband and wife, as before. Forgetting that each individual is only a small part of the whole. If you think about that there estimates of the United Nations is about 13 million children without parents, that 15 percent of all children under five years of age get too little food, to develop healthy, then it is silly somehow stop Europeans to the sprawling plant. It’s so nice to share your own genes, so fulfilling for the ego’s is located in a new man to rediscover.”

The Hamburger collective “_innen”

To trust the girls some women under the name of _innen teamed up to each other have to support and the standard is common to a world of equality, to work. AVA, one of the founding members of _innen, tried to explain why this change only from the inside to the outside is possible i D.

Turkey blocks social networking

I was just on one reading, the focused on “foreign” was concerned, but also with Turkey. With fear, young Turks, the right opinion insisting on easy to disappearances. For at least 30 days. That happened to some of her friends, tell the authors that henceforth lie with this fear in the back of the neck. The censorship abounds in their homeland slowly at all levels. Watch also: “last night was so Selahattin Demirtas, the head of the Kurdish party of HDP, arrested. Along with at least 11 other members of his party. Since then, the social media are blocked Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and even Instagram and youtube. This means: do not load the pages, the feeds remain frozen, you can send messages or receive.” more about this by Philipp Mattheis. That Erdogan just cope and not necessarily censored the network itself, for reasons of law enforcement, encourage researchers now also. Here long!

Sex, drugs, and gentrification

Elizabeth Woods powdered cocaine movie “white girl” is the most radical portrait of New York teenagers since “Kids”. Interview has spoken with the Director about her work. Very worth reading!

“Male contraceptive” – participants cancel study because of side effects

The so-called “male contraceptive” works pretty well – only she brings similar side effects such as the traditional contraceptive methods for women. Therefore, many of the participants abandoned the study. Remember Jetzt.de. And also Nora Edition F is their mustard and finds: as a woman you can laugh about it only bitter.

Finally music videos without lock

No red block panels more: Gema and youtube are contracting. Now, musicians for retrieving videos get money. The agreement is a sensation – with an open question. Remember the FAZ.

Prostitution in Germany

“Thousands of women are deported to Germany and forced here to work on. Hundreds of thousands of women go to a commercialized sexual abuse here. Because they are traumatized, are poor, are drug addicts, be forced. And our politicians find that bad, but oh, you can do nothing. No, against sexist, racist, classist systems you can do unfortunately nothing, if it has tradition, that there is a man right to sex, is the more important than the integrity and dignity of women. And children, by the way.” Huschke Mau is mad. For a good reason.

The evil of the US elections

An America that must choose between two evils remains

Fickle. And especially the part of an election campaign, which seems to work in absurd ways, such as the series business.  ”The drama of Clinton/Trump can hardly understand, who confused the American election campaign with the German. Earlier, the difference was not quite as wide as the Atlantic Ocean; There was beer tent here, circus. Today, small-town Theater against Netflix, where a Cliffhanger–Hunt the other always absurd, is thus viewers on the screen remain.” by Josef Joffe.

Inside Amy Schumer – free of herpes

, Amy Schumer is a superstar of American comedy. Their awesome brash television series parodied inside Amy Schumer female roles so original that it offered the production of cinema films to Schumer, he became a box-office hit. Than taste the incredibly funny negotiation between the Almighty and Amy was recommended on youtube, in which she negotiated God under the table as egocentric Mittelschichtsgör, so he freed them from their herpes. Now, Schumer has written a book. Eva Bucher. Find in German that reads slightly less funny than the original. Here long!

As cards with alleged ‘refugee crime’ rush

A map of Germany with small markers. Everyone an assault. And all of “Migrants”. The country seems to disappear behind this mass of imported crime. “So anyway, it is the “refugee crime map” that collect on the unknown alleged “refugee crime”. To point out that Germany is how poor it, since so many people have come to us. A disgusting smear attempt – also Friedemann is Karig. Meanwhile, the CSU is in going to incite against political Islam. More on this here. Who on top of that practice is still more bigotry and drawer thinking want to upset, which just read the accompanying comments finished.

The musician and author Kate tempest in the interview

Kate tempest is just everywhere, any * r your dedicated a few lines if not equal to multiple pages. Right! The singer, author and poet has much to say. The second album of English has just been released. Their songs between hip hop and spoken word, are anything but superficial blah, just like a conversation with her – Judith Köneke of the Missy hit the 30-year-old magazine in Berlin.

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