Weekend Reads With Wonder Woman, Truths About The Pill & Lily All

A small fine reading bar for the weekend, like may be supplemented in the comment box. So us not instructive and amusing, yet important escapes:

As the pill increases the risk of depression

Plays again and again the pill as a contraceptive in the criticism. Yet she is contraceptive of choice for many women. Now, a new study has been published, which shows the relationship between the pill and depression. Edition remember F. Elsewhere we had on the topic of “pill” spoken. Here long!

The history of convergence

, The Sußebachs have taken up a refugee. The great experiment of integration is taking place now in her family home in the suburb of Hamburg. Soon wonders Henning Sußebach about mysterious water stains in the hallway and his roommate Amir B.j. About kisses on the phone. History of a rapprochement, written on for our site.

Wonder woman to be UN Ambassador

If the comic book heroine will be 75 years old on October 21, she is to be; appointed officially in New York the UN Goodwill Ambassador for women and girls in the presence of Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and other prominent guests. Wonder Woman, this hybrid creature from Princess and amerikanisierter Amazon, is there not only offered because it has super powers and a really respectable triceps, no, she’s more recently still bisexual. Want to say: very diverse. Remember Friederike Zoe Grasshoff.

German fear 2016

The Germans fear attacks more than anything else. A weekend course promises safety. What’s going on? Jurek Skrobala has looked for the neon. There will be a thorough evil before stupidity.

The upgraders

The apartment Portal Wimdu has to determine by 2015 in a survey that 43 percent of Germans would take a break. Just under half of paints from a length of three to six months, almost every third would like to take a free year, every tenth even up to two. Most would go in time or devote themselves to their other interests. More than every second of over 2000 respondents would want while looking for new perspectives for his life and finding yourself. Almost as often, people gave to overcome or prevent a burnout. Apparently the steam seems collectively the Germans to go out. But actually also take a sabbatical? Dare to estimated that only three percent of those who yearn after. The full text is available at brandeins.

This is still fashion or that ugly?

“What happens to me lately constantly. I see a photo of Juergen teller and think it’s ugly. I try on a 200 euro expensive Hoodie of vongosha Rubchinskiy and wonder who wants to buy something. I’m in an art gallery and expert a pile of ash rising from the sticks, which will cost EUR 45 000. I’m reading an award-winning book, which consists only of splitter sets, which all begin with small letters and include no verbs, in between bays in Middle High German. I’m surrounded by stuff, that is celebrated and praised, and which I wonder but secretly: who needs this crap?” real questions and wise words of C’est Clairette.

Bob Dylan gets Nobel Prize for literature

Bob Dylan is a poet who transformed poetic traditions in an own, fantastic voice. The right gets the Nobel Prize literature without a doubt. Zeit.de know more about his life and work. Why, just that distinction is also exactly the right decision in times of Donald Trump, has brought, however, Felix Bayer on the point.

Putin must be treated fairly

A Russian diplomat complained Jochen Bittner over once, German journalists applied double standards in the assessment of Russian and American foreign policy. He’s right, Vladimir Putin earned it to be considered differently: just as critical as the United States. Because none of this what have to complain about the local media in the United States, comes to the violation of international law, Putin is the conscience of Russia’s war crimes and civilization breaks up, the Vladimir.

Princess Nokia about aesthetics, spirituality and the young feminist generation

Their beats are powerful, their mission feminist and your texts somewhere between harsh announcements and spells. The 24 year-old afronuyorikanische rapper destiny Frasqueri alias Princess, Nokia had already long before the release of their debut album “1992” a high standing in the net. (…) During their tour, came with uncapped at Sage on the stage and incense potential bad energies from the Hall. In classical tradition of riot grrrl asked the girls to the front and exhorting the types of aggressive behavior. “If women want to be rough over here, they ensure themselves.” The Missy magazine has the musician recently for an interview asked.

More military culture in Germany

“Left and right – it not long ago, since this contrast out of fashion seemed to come. But it was a trick of people who wanted to transform politics in a sleep laboratory. In Germany, front: Frau Dr. Merkel, worked long years as Chief anaesthetist in the Chancellor’s Office. Anyone who rejects the thinking in the categories of left and right, wants to blur only the question in truth, which is located at the beginning of all politics: who gets what?” – a column by Jakob Augstein. Kathrina Edinger turns appropriately titled wonder where it stands now at all. The author has made just a film about left terrorism.

Whining doesn’t help

“To change the relationship or the world, if at all, only with the production of facts. By a partner or a partner, or a constantly something accuses you goodbye with a friendly handshake, you come across the world as well. You abandoned her. Just kidding. One tries to follow his conviction, looking for like-minded people, and exercises in the humorous and friendly claim of its place in the world. Soso, there is sexism in a party. How funny, where there isn’t the doing. And what is there? You sexistet the best back. You want to be called not big sweet mouse? Then you simply respond: who do we have here – a droll fucking Hamster! Just smile, finish.” – a commentary by Sibylle Berg.

Michelle Obama’s reaction to Trump

Michelle Obama was not their usual campaign speech in New Hampshire, but took reference, above all on the video from the year 2005, in which the Republicans with sexual assault boasted and said he could afford that because he is famous directly on the recent events associated with Trump. More info here. Bento has taken 5 key phrases, which have also fallen during the TV duel between Trump and Clinton for us together.

More racist violence since Brexit vote

Since the Brexit referendum the number of xenophobic crimes has increased significantly in England and Wales. Police statistics showed that the number of racially or religiously motivated assaults had increased in July by 41 percent compared to the same month last year, the British Home Office announced on Thursday. Remember the FAZ.

Lily Allen apologized for their country

“It seems that there had been three moments in your life where you have brought the English into risk: we have just bombed your country, then you leave the hands of the Taliban and now you have to risk your life, to get into our country. I apologize on behalf of my country. I’m sorry that you go through this did.” you read more about the documentary, for the lily visited a refugee camp Calais all, on our site.