Welcome to Light – White as the Trend Color at TK Maxx

For days the temperatures above 30 degrees – more summer isn’t. Good mood and holiday mood where you look. Of course, the theme for our current TK Maxx look of just happy holidays could be there.

In a good mood, we started the project: I’m packing my suitcase and take with me:

Emit a sweet bikini, a fancy Beach dress, short shorts and a transparent top and all in white. No other color is able to skillfully to exude lightness. You fit to any kind of accessory and there are infinitely many ways to wear them.

The classically tailored shorts and the airy silk top from the contemporary designer Department of TK Maxx are to the fall in love and easy to vary. Combine a tank top and summer wedges for the city, for the walk on the beach a bikini just fabulous flats and a great beach bag pull.

Optical highlight of both outfits is the fashionable Sun hat. The blue white striped hat was indispensable for our smart look with retro appeal. He is probably a secret summer favorite – he has completed but some bets on the editorial terrace.

For the Koffershooting, we have this time gone untapped territory so to speak. The future Berlin airport BER was here backdrop and the waiting area outside the Terminal to the wheeled bags test track. As much we can already tell: the asphalt, as well as the foot plates work perfectly with a 360-degree roller system, the surface is ideal for the quiet rubber wheels and the zebra stripes harmonize beautifully with our outfit.